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Detroit Lakes & Otter Tail Area Minnesota Fishing Map Guide - Print Edition


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Product Description

The Detroit Lakes & Otter Tail Area Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts.

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information for lakes and streams in the lake rich Detroit Lakes and Otter Tail areas are provided in this handy, 192-page, 8 ½ x 11”  spiral-bound volume.

Over 170 publicly accessible lakes in Becker, Otter Tail, Mahnomen and Polk counties are included. This guide provides all the information you need to fish the entire region, plus comprehensive information that you just can’t get from an app or chip. If your fishing adventures lead you to Fergus Falls, White Earth, Pelican Rapids or Lake Park, this book is all you need!

Whether you’re jigging for walleyes on East Battle Lake, bouncing plastic worms off flooded timber for bass in Long Lost Lake or tackling monster muskies on Detroit Lake, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Minnesota's many excellent fisheries. 

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Minnesota Detroit Lakes & Otter Tail Area Fishing Map Guide.

Get a free, immediate download of the Interactive eBook Edition with purchase - everything you love about the print edition on your phone, tablet, or computer. Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses, and more! The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). Order now and also receive a free automatic eBook update in Spring, 2022.

For gift orders, please indicate in the Order Comments/Instructions section at checkout that your order is a gift and a gift receipt with eBook download instructions for the recipient will be included.

"I've been using these books for many years, and continue to do so."

- Steve Foss,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Acorn 112 Becker
Adley 239 Otter Tail
Anderson 83 Otter Tail
Anna 538 Otter Tail
Annie Battle 334 Otter Tail
Bass (by Beers) 26 Otter Tail
Bass (by Net) 123 Becker
Bass (by Norway) 292 Otter Tail
Bass (by Sieverson) 135 Becker
Bear 181 Otter Tail
Beers 195 Otter Tail
Beseau (Bijou) 226 Becker
Big Bass 689 Mahnomen
Big Cormorant 3,421 Becker
Big McDonald 935 Otter Tail
Big Pine 4,730 Otter Tail
Big Sugarbush 472 Becker
Blanche 1,268 Otter Tail
Block 285 Otter Tail
Boyer 310 Becker
Buchanan 929 Otter Tail
Buffalo 376 Becker
Clear 352 Otter Tail
Clitherall 2,493 Otter Tail
Cotton 1,668 Becker
Crystal 1,317 Otter Tail
Cox 43 Clearwater
Dead 7,901 Otter Tail
Deer 457 Otter Tail
Detroit 3,083 Becker
Devils 314 Otter Tail
Donalds 168 Otter Tail
Eagle 313 Becker
Eagle 46 Otter Tail
East Battle 1,949 Otter Tail
East Leaf 398 Otter Tail
East Lost 501 Otter Tail
East Silent 310 Otter Tail
East Spirit 544 Otter Tail
Elbow 1,001 Becker
Elbow 189 Otter Tail
Ellingson 138 Otter Tail
Ethel 194 Otter Tail
Eunice 324 Becker
Fish (by Block) 435 Otter Tail
Fish (by Pleasant) 888 Otter Tail
Fish   Otter Tail
Fiske 250 Otter Tail
Five   Otter Tail
Floyd 1,212 Becker
Franklin 1,336 Otter Tail
German 71 Otter Tail
Glanders 39 Clearwater
Hanson 33 Becker
Height of Land 3,520 Becker
Heilberger 224 Otter Tail
Hoot 155 Otter Tail
Hungry 240 Becker
Ice Cracking 331 Becker
Ida 580 Becker
Island 611 Mahnomen
Island 1,142 Becker
Jewett 737 Otter Tail
Johnson 338 Otter Tail
Jolly Ann 256 Otter Tail
Juggler 365 Becker
LaBelle 146 Becker
Leek (Trowbridge) 609 Otter Tail
Leif 488 Becker
Little Bemidji 275 Becker
Little Cormorant 924 Becker
Little Elbow 158 Mahnomen
Little Floyd 205 Becker
Little McDonald 1,174 Otter Tail
Little Pine 1,969 Otter Tail
Little Sugarbush 202 Becker
Little Toad 345 Becker
Little Vanose 144 Mahnomen
Lizzie 4,035 Otter Tail
Lone 107 Mahnomen
Long 357 Becker
Long 1,273 Otter Tail
Long (by Jewett) 756 Otter Tail
Long (by Johnson) 350 Otter Tail
Long Lost 390 Clearwater
Loon 1,048 Otter Tail
Many Point 1,737 Becker
Maple 1,477 Polk
Marion 1,664 Otter Tail
Marshall 159 Becker
Maud 547 Becker
McCrany 268 Mahnomen
McKenzie 77 Clearwater
Meadow 66 Becker
Melissa 1,830 Becker
Middle Cormorant 360 Becker
Middle Leaf 398 Otter Tail
Molly Stark 153 Otter Tail
Munson 123 Becker
Murphy 310 Otter Tail
Nelson 241 Becker
Net 213 Becker
North Lida 5,564 Otter Tail
Norway 384 Otter Tail
Otter Tail 13,725 Otter Tail
Paul 319 Otter Tail
Pearl 237 Becker
Pebble 169 Otter Tail
Pelican 3,986 Otter Tail
Pickerel 332 Becker
Pickerel 829 Otter Tail
Pleasant 370 Otter Tail
Portage 265 Otter Tail
Prairie 1,016 Otter Tail
Red River 305 Otter Tail
Rock 1,048 Becker
Rose 1,190 Otter Tail
Round (by Buchanan) 262 Otter Tail
Round (by Many Point) 1,086 Becker
Round (by Pickerel) 83 Otter Tail
Round (by Star) 166 Otter Tail
Rush 5,337 Otter Tail
Sallie 1,246 Becker
Sand (Stump) 197 Becker
Sarah   Polk
Sargent 128 Mahnomen
Sauer 212 Becker
Scalp 243 Otter Tail
Sewell 338 Otter Tail
Shell 3,140 Becker
Sieverson 77 Becker
Simon 635 Mahnomen-Clearwater
Silver (by Elbow) 547 Otter Tail
Silver (by Murphy) 247 Otter Tail
Six 188 Otter Tail
South Lida 856 Otter Tail
South Ten Mile 1,411 Otter Tail
South Turtle 630 Otter Tail
Snider 632 Mahnomen
Spitzer 728 Otter Tail
Spring 136 Polk
Stalker 1,280 Otter Tail
Star 4,721 Otter Tail
Strawberry 1,522 Becker
Stuart 699 Otter Tail
Swan 689 Otter Tail
Sybil 618 Otter Tail
Tamarack 1,431 Becker
Toad 1,666 Becker
Tonseth 156 Otter Tail
Tulaby 773 Mahnomen
Turtle 545 Polk
Turtle 147 Becker
Twenty-one 122 Otter Tail
Twin,North 901 Mahnomen
Twin,South 1,000 Mahnomen
Twin 333 Otter Tail
Union 734 Polk
Upper Cormorant 856 Becker
Waboose 225 Becker
Walker 540 Otter Tail
Wall 682 Otter Tail
West Battle 5,624 Otter Tail
West Leaf 404 Otter Tail
West Lost 586 Otter Tail
West McDonald 573 Otter Tail
West Olaf 143 Otter Tail
West Silent 328 Otter Tail
Whitefish 226 Pollk
White Earth 2,079 Becker
Wright (Stump) 63 Otter Tail

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