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Lake Map Downloads
Downloadable maps sample pages

Download a specific PDF of one of the lakes featured in our newly revised Ohio Fishing Map Guides and eBooks with color contour lake maps, stocking and survey data, lake data, and fishing tips from local experts.

Click on the name for each map for more information. Each download page will display thumbnails to show you how many pages are included. Because the downloads are taken directly from our books, some lakes are grouped with nearby lakes. The included lakes are listed in the description on each download page.

Select a lake:

Lake Name Acres County
Acton Lake 625 Butler, Preble
Adams Lake 37 Adams
Alma, Lake (No Contours) 73 Vinton
Alum Creek Lake aka Alum Creek Reservoir 3,387 Delaware
Amann Reservoirs (No Contours) 150 Morrow
Amick Reservoir (No Contours) 100 Morrow
Archbold Reservoir 1 (No Contours) 20 Fulton
Archbold Reservoir 2 (No Contours) 45 Fulton
Atwood Lake aka Atwood Reservoir 1,540 Carroll , Tuscarawas
Barnesville Reservoir 1 (No Contours) 34 Belmont
Barnesville Reservoir 2 (No Contours) 12 Belmont
Barnesville Reservoir 3 (No Contours) Belmont
Beach City Reservoir and Tailwater (No Contours) 420 Tuscarawas
Beaver Creek Reservoir 150 Seneca
Bellevue Reservoir 5 (No Contours) 87 Huron
Belmont Lake 117 Belmont
Berlin Reservoir 3,590 Mahoning , Portage , Star
Beyer's Pond 3 Cuyahoga
Blue Rock Lake aka Cutler Lake (No Contours) 15 Muskingum
Bresler Reservoir 610 Allen
Buckeye Lake 3,300 Fairfield , Licking
Bucyrus Reservoir 1 33 Crawford
Bucyrus Reservoir 2 30 Crawford
Bucyrus Reservoir 3 aka Riley Reservoir Crawford
Bucyrus Reservoir 4 aka Outhwaite Reservoir 150 Crawford
Bunns Lake 6 Cuyahoga
Burr Oak Lake 664 Athens , Morgan
Caesar Creek Reservoir 2,830 Clinton , Greene , Warren
Caldwell Lake (No Contours) 10 Ross
Charles Mill Lake 1,350 Ashland , Richland
Clarence J. Brown Reservoir 2,120 Clark
Clark Lake 100 Clark
Clear Fork Lake aka Clear Fork Reservoir 997 Morrow , Richland
Clendening Lake aka Clendening Reservoir 1,800 Harrison
Cleveland Metroparks Lakes
Clouse Lake Wildlife Area (No Contours) 42 Perry
Cowan Lake 692 Clinton
Crooksville Reservoir South (No Contours) Perry
Crooksville Reservoirs East (No Contours) 13 Perry
Dale Walborn Reservoir 885 Stark
Daugherty aka Fostoria City Res. #1 (No Contours) 12 Hancock
Deer Creek Lake 1,277 Fayette , Pickaway
Deer Creek Reservoir 313 Stark
Delaware Lake aka Delaware Reservoir 1,330 Delaware , Marion , Morro
Delta Reservoir 1 30 Fulton
Delta Reservoir 2 50 Fulton
Dillon Reservoir 1,330 Muskingum
Dow Lake 160 Athens
East Branch Reservoir 416 Geauga
East Reservoir 380 Summit
Ferguson Reservoir 340 Allen
Findlay Reservoir 1 187 Hancock
Findlay Reservoir 2 640 Hancock
Findley Lake 93 Lorain
Forked Run Lake 107 Meigs
Fostoria City Reservoirs (1-6)
Fox Lake 46 Athens
Friendship Park Lake (No Contours) 90 Jefferson
Galion City Reservoirs
Glacier, Lake (No Contours) Mahoning
Grand Lake 13,500 Auglaize , Mercer
Grant Lake (No Contours) 181 Brown
Greenfield Lake (No Contours) 14 Fairfield
Griggs Reservoir aka Julian Griggs Res 364 Franklin
Guilford Lake 396 Columbiana
Hammertown Lake aka Jackson City Reservoir 190 Jackson
Hargus Creek Lake 146 Pickaway
Harrison Lake 105 Fulton
Harsha Lake aka East Fork Lake 2,160 Clermont
Highlandtown Lake 170 Columbiana
Hinckley Lake 88 Medina
Hodgson, Lake 180 Portage
Hoover Reservoir 3,843 Delaware , Franklin
Hope, Lake 127 Vinton
Hower 40 Summit
Hydrobowl Lake aka Eastwood Lake 185 Montgomery
Indian Lake 5,800 Logan
Isabella, Lake (No Contours) 28 Hamilton
Jackson City Reservoir
Jackson Lake 243 Jackson
Jefferson Lake 25 Jefferson
Judge's Lake 2 Cuyahoga
Killdeer Upground Reservoir 285 Wyandot
Kiser Lake 380 Champaign
Knox Lake 495 Knox
Kokosing Lake 154 Knox
La Su An 130 Williams
LaDue Reservoir 1,500 Geauga
Lamberjack aka Fostoria City Res #3 45 Hancock
LeComte, Lake aka LaCompte aka Fostoria City Res. 128 Hancock
Ledge Lake 5 Medina
Leesville Lake 1,000 Carroll
Lima Lake (No Contours) 85 Allen
Logan, Lake 400 Hocking
Long 225 Summit
Loramie, Lake 1,500 Auglaize , Shelby
Lost Creek Reservoir 121 Allen
Madison Lake 100 Madison
McComb City Reservoir #2 (No Contours) 20 Hancock
McComb City Reservoir (No Contours) 6 Hancock
Metzger Reservoir 160 Allen
Miller Summit
Milton, Lake 1,685 Mahoning
Mogadore Reservoir 1,000 Portage
Monroe Lake (No Contours) 40 Monroe
Mosier aka Fostoria City Res. #4 (No Contours) 88 Hancock
Mosquito Lake aka Mosquito Creek Reservoir 7,850 Trumbull
Mottram aka Fostoria City Res. #2 18 Hancock
Mt. Gilead Lakes 19 Morrow
Mud 85 Summit
Nettle Lake 94 Williams
New Lexington Reservoir #1 (No Contours) 27 Perry
New Lexington Reservoir #2 (No Contours)
New London Reservoir 220 Huron
Newport (No Contours) 105 Mahoning
Nimisila aka Nimusila, Lake aka Nimisila Reservoir 811 Summit
North Baltimore Reservoir (No Contours) 29 Wood
North Reservoir 219 Summit
Norwalk Reservoir #1 12 Huron
Norwalk Reservoir #2 50 Huron
Norwalk Reservoir #3 aka Memorial Res 97 Huron
O'Shaughnessy Reservoir 920 Delaware
Oakthorpe Lake (No Contours) 40 Fairfield
Oberlin Reservoir aka Parson's Road Reservoir (No Contours) 56 Lorain
Ottawa Reservoir (No Contours) 20 Putnam
Oxbow Lake 40 Defiance
Paint Creek Lake 1,190 Highland
Paulding Reservoir (No Contours) 63 Paulding
Piedmont Lake 2,270 Belmont , Guernsey , Harr
Pike Lake 13 Pike
Pine Lake (No Contours) 15 Ross
Pleasant Hill Lake aka Pleasant Hill Reservoir 850 Ashland , Richland
Punderson Lake 101 Geauga
Pymatuning Lake aka Pymatuning Reservoir 14,650 Ashtabula
Raccoon Creek Reservoir 35 Sandusky
Ranger Lake 2 Cuyahoga
Resthaven Ponds 7, 8, 10, 11 (No Contours) Erie
Rex 48 Summit
Rock Mill Lake (No Contours) 18 Fairfield
Rocky Fork Lake 2,080 Highland
Roosevelt Lake (No Contours) 11 Scioto
Rose Lake (No Contours) 17 Hocking
Ross Lake 125 Ross
Rupert, Lake 325 Vinton
Rush Creek Lake 309 Fairfield , Perry
Rush Run Lake 58 Preble
Salem Reservoir 97 Columbiana
Salt Fork Lake 2,995 Guernsey
Seneca Lake & Tailwater Access 3,550 Guernsey , Noble
Shadow Lake 3 Cuyahoga
Sharon Woods Lake (No Contours) Hamilton
Shreve Lake 58 Wayne
Silver Creek Lake (No Contours) 50 Summit
Sippo (No Contours) 88 Stark
Slope Creek Reservoir aka Barnesville Res 3 98 Belmont
Snowden, Lake 150 Athens
Spencer Lake 51 Medina
Spring Valley 58 Greene , Warren
Springfield Lake 289 Summit
Stewart Lake (No Contours) 8 Ross
Stonelick Lake 171 Clermont
Summit Lake (No Contours) 100 Summit
Tappan Lake aka Tappan Reservoir 2,350 Harrison
Timbre Ridge Lake (No Contours) 100 Lawrence
Turkey Creek Lake (No Contours) 51 Scioto
Turkeyfoot Reservoir 666 Summit
Tycoon Lake 204 Gallia
Van Wert Reservoir 1 (No Contours) 65 Van Wert
Van Wert Reservoir 2 (No Contours) 65 Van Wert
Vesuvius Lake 143 Lawrence
Veteran's Memorial Reservoir aka Fostoria City Res 160 Hancock
Veto Lake 160 Washington
Wallace Lake 16 Cuyahoga
Wauseon Reservoir 1 (No Contours) 49 Fulton
Wauseon Reservoir 2 (No Contours) 45 Fulton
Wellington Reservoir South (No Contours) Lorain
Wellington Upground Reservoir (No Contours) 160 Lorain
West Branch Reservoir aka M.J. Kirwan Reservoir 2,650 Portage
West Reservoir 162 Summit
White, Lake 323 Pike
Willard aka Upground Reservoir 300 Huron
Wills Creek Reservoir & Tailwater Access (No Contours) 900 Coshocton
Winton Lake (No Contours) 188 Hamilton
Wolf Run Lake 220 Noble
Zepernick Lake (No Contours) 39 Columbiana