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Minnesota Grand Rapids & Bemidji Area Fishing Map Guide - Print Edition


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Product Description

The Northern Minnesota Grand Rapids and Bemidji Area Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts.

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information for lakes and streams in the forested Grand Rapids and Bemidji areas are provided in this handy, 224-page, 8 ½ x 11” spiral-bound volume.

Over 200 publicly accessible lakes in Beltrami, Clearwater and Itasca counties are included. This guide provides all the information you need to fish the entire region with comprehensive information that you just can't get from an app or a chip.

Whether you’re jigging for perch on Winnie, casting bucktails for muskies on Cass or trying to ice a laker on Canisteo Pit, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Minnesota’s many excellent fisheries.

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Minnesota Grand Rapids & Bemidji Area Fishing Map Guide.

Get a free, immediate download of the Interactive eBook Edition with purchase - everything you love about the print edition on your phone, tablet, or computer. Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses, and more! The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). Order now and also receive a free automatic eBook update in Spring, 2022.

For gift orders, please indicate in the Order Comments/Instructions section at checkout that your order is a gift and a gift receipt with eBook download instructions for the recipient will be included.

"I take the book with me wherever I fish. It's tremendously handy when you run into other anglers and want to share lake info or good fishing holes."
- Steve Foss,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Andrusia 1,510 Beltrami
Antler 306 Itasca
Arrowhead (Sand) 86 Itasca
Bagley 94 Clearwater
Ball Club 4,951 Itasca
Balm 512 Beltrami
Balsam 710 Itasca
Bass 2,407 Itasca
Bass 117 Itasca
Battle 199 Itasca
Bear 338 Itasca
Beatrice 123 Itasca
Beauty 217 Itasca
Bello 493 Itasca
Beltrami (Gnat) 543 Beltrami
Bemidji 6,420 Beltrami
Benjamin 30 Beltrami
Big 3,533 Beltrami
Big (Upper) Lasalle 221 Clearwater
Big Bass 380 Beltrami
Big Diamond 122 Itasca
Big Dick 249 Itasca
Big Island 220 Itasca
Big McCarthy 110 Itasca
Big Ole 179 Itasca
Big Too Much 232 Itasca
Blackduck 2,596 Beltrami
Blandin (Paper Mill Res.) 449 Itasca
Bluebill (Rice) 136 Itasca
Bluewater 364 Itasca
Bower 89 Itasca
Bowstring 9,220 Itasca
Bray 196 Itasca
Buck 492 Itasca
Burns 144 Itasca
Burnt Shanty 182 Itasca
Burrows 291 Itasca
Busties 237 Itasca
Campbell 475 Beltrami
Canisteo 1,338 Itasca
Caribou 240 Itasca
Cass 15,596 Beltrami
Cavanaugh 67 Itasca
Clear 100 Itasca
Clear 78 Koochiching
Clear 132 Itasca
Clearwater 1,008 Beltrami
Clubhouse 210 Itasca
Coon 627 Itasca
Cottonwood 105 Itasca
Crooked 418 Itasca
Crooked 115 Itasca
Cut Foot Sioux 2,851 Itasca
Dark 100 Koochiching
Dead Horse 97 Itasca
Deep 47 Clearwater
Deer 262 Beltrami
Deer 1,748 Itasca
Deer 4,097 Itasca
Dixon 666 Itasca
Dode 84 Itasca
Dora 735 Itasca
Dunbar 254 Itasca
Eagle 279 Itasca
East 160 Itasca
Erskin 40 Itasca
Evergreen 200 Hubbard
Falk 65 Clearwater
First 58 Clearwater
Five Island 175 Itasca
Frontenac 204 Hubbard
Gilstad 294 Beltrami
Grace 887 Hubbard
Grave 500 Itasca
Gull 2,243 Beltrami
Gunn 342 Itasca
Gunderson 146 Itasca
Harrison 39 Itasca
Hart 325 Itasca
Hartley 281 Itasca
Heart 206 Clearwater
Helen 164 Itasca
Hennepin 407 Hubbard
Highland 102 Itasca
Holland 19 Itasca
Holman 146 Itasca
Irving 613 Beltrami
Island (by Deer) 283 Itasca
Island (near Northome) 3,088 Itasca
Jack the Horse 383 Itasca
Jay Gould 426 Itasca
Jessie 1,753 Itasca
Johnson (by Falk) 56 Clearwater
Johnson (by Marcell) 305 Itasca
Johnson (by Pughole) 492 Itasca
Julia 450 Beltrami
Kelly 69 Itasca
King 296 Itasca
Kitchi 1,758 Beltrami
Kremer 72 Itasca
Larson 198 Itasca
Larson 178 Beltrami
Lawrence 395 Itasca
Little Ball Club 132 Itasca
Little Bass 158 Itasca
Little Bowstring 319 Itasca
Little Buzzle 68 Beltrami
Little Cut Foot Sioux 660 Itasca
Little Island 61 Itasca
Little Jay Gould   Itasca
Little Jessie 637 Itasca
Little Long 253 Itasca
Little Moose 271 Itasca
Little North Star 1059 Itasca
Little Pughole   Itasca
Little Sand 213 Itasca
Little Split Hand 223 Itasca
Little Trout 74 Itasca
Little Turtle 464 Beltrami
Little Turtle 475 Itasca
Little Winnibigoshish 1,287 Cass
Little Wolf 490 Cass
Lomond 91 Clearwater
Lone 69 Clearwater
Long 124 Itasca
Long (Button Box) 75 Itasca
Long (by Bagley) 48 Clearwater
Long (by Heart) 145 Clearwater
Long (by Pughole) 48 Itasca
Long (by Talmoon) 121 Itasca
Long (off Scenic Hwy 7) 353 Itasca
Long (w. of Grand Rapids) 121 Itasca
Long 93 Itasca
Loon 235 Itasca
Lost 88 Itasca
Lower Panasa 254 Itasca
Lucky 12 Itasca
Maple 28 Itasca
Marquette 504 Beltrami
Medicine 446 Beltrami
Midge 521 Hubbard
Minerva 236 Clearwater
Minnow 102 Clearwater
Mirror 105 Itasca
Moonshine 25 Itasca
Moose (by Deer) 1,265 Itasca
Moose (by Pimushe) 568 Beltrami
Moose (by Walker Brook) 124 Beltrami
Moose (near Northome) 357 Itasca
Movil 923 Beltrami
Nashwauk 144 Itasca
New 63 Itasca
Newman 39 Hubbard
Noma 55 Itasca
North Star 1,059 Itasca
North Twin 313 Beltrami
North Twin 250 Itasca
No-ta-she-bun 238 Itasca
O'Leary 131 Itasca
Orange 86 Itasca
O'Reilly 202 Itasca
Owen 257 Itasca
Ox Hide 121 Itasca
Pancake 122 Itasca
Peterson 77 Clearwater
Peterson 130 Itasca
Pickerel 293 Itasca
Pike Bay 4,760 Cass
Pimushe 1,268 Beltrami
Pine 1,888 Clearwater
Plantanganette 2,529 Hubbard
Pokegama 6,612 Itasca
Portage   Itasca
Prairie 1,064 Itasca
Pughole 152 Itasca
Puposky 2,142 Beltrami
Rabideau 577 Beltrami
Raddison 197 Itasca
Rice 857 Itasca
Rockstad 128 Clearwater
Round (by Squaw) 2,828 Itasca
Round (off Scenic Hwy 7) 502 Itasca
Ruby 243 Itasca
Rush Island 297 Itasca
Sand (by Bowstring) 4,328 Itasca
Sand (by Burrows) 157 Itasca
Sandwick   Itasca
Sandy (by Balm) 100 Beltrami
Sandy (by Medicine) 260 Beltrami
Sawyer 140 Itasca
Scooty 160 Itasca
Scrapper 153 Itasca
Second 69 Clearwater
Shallow 531 Itasca
Shoal 39 Itasca
Sioux   Itasca
Siseebakwet (Sugar) 1,306 Itasca
Slauson 106 Itasca
Snaptail 146 Itasca
Snells (Gile) 86 Itasca
Snowball 146 Itasca
South Twin 205 Beltrami
South Twin 179 Itasca
Spider 1,349 Itasca
Split Hand 1,420 Itasca
Stingy 378 Itasca
Stump 290 Beltrami
Sucker 230 Itasca
Swan 2,472 Itasca
Thistledew 318 Itasca
Three Island 678 Beltrami
Tioga Mine Pit 51 Itasca
Trestle (Fox) 96 Itasca
Trout (near Coleraine) 1,890 Itasca
Trout (neer Wabana) 1,753 Itasca
Turtle 1,436 Beltrami
Turtle 2,052 Itasca
Turtle River 1,737 Beltrami
Twin 133 Itasca
Upper Panasa 174 Itasca
Upper Red 107,832 Beltrami
Wagner 61 Itasca
Wabana 2,215 Itasca
Walker Brook 90 Clearwater
Whitefish 120 Beltrami
Whitefish 563 Itasca
Wilson 86 Itasca
Winnibigoshish 69,821 Itasca / Cass
Wolf 1,094 Beltrami
Wolf 188 Itasca

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