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Question: What kind of information do your Fishing Map Guides and eBooks contain?

We provide color contour lake maps, area road maps, stocking and survey data, lake data, and fishing tips and hotspots from local experts that we think you'll find extremely useful for your next trip to the lake.

Click here for more information.

Question: Is there a difference between the information in the Fishing Map Guides and the eBooks?

We provide the same lake and fishing information in the eBooks as we do in the Fishing Map Guides. The difference between the two is simply the way the information is made available to you.

Question: Where does the information in your products come from?

Most of the lake information, survey data, and stocking information is obtained from each state's respective government conservation agencies. All of the fishing editorials which include fishing tips and fishing hotspots are written by our professional editorial staff, who personally interviewed fishing guides, bait shops, and local fishing professionals who know their lakes better than anyone else.



Question: Will my eBook work on my device?

Our eBooks are in PDF format, which means they are compatible with any device capable of viewing PDFs (iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and more). To view your eBook, simply open the file in your PDF viewer of choice, like iBooks, Kindle, Google Books, and Adobe Acrobat.

Interactive eBooks: The interactive features are supported by some, but not all, PDF viewers. To ensure everything works as intended, we highly recommend downloading Adobe Acrobat (available for free online, on the Google Play Store, App Store, Amazon App Store, and the Microsoft Store) to your phone, tablet, or computer before downloading your eBook.

Question: How do I download my eBook?

Click the “Download Files” link in the order email we sent. This will take you to a download page on our website. Click the file name and your download will begin (only click this link once). The files for some books are quite large, so it may take some time for your download to finish. If you are downloading on your computer, your file will go to the downloads folder for the web browser that your are using.

Android - Your download progress will be displayed in the notifications bar. When the download is finished, you can find it in your downloads folder. To navigate to the downloads folder, you can use the built in file navigator application or a free app like AndroZip.

iOS (iPhone & iPad) - After clicking the download link on our website, the PDF will begin to load in a new window of your browser. When the file is fully loaded, you can save it by tapping the screen and selecting “Open in iBooks”. Your eBook will then be automatically saved in your iBooks app and can be found in the PDFs section of your bookshelf.

With some larger files, IOS devices will time out before completing the download, in which case try the following: Download the file to your computer and open in iBooks. Then, on your iOS devices, you turn on iCloud Drive under Settings - click your Name at the top (the one that now says AppleID, iCloud, itunes & App Store under your name), and make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on (about halfway down the screen). Under the iCloud Drive heading, you have to make sure that iBooks is turned on. (5 gigs of iCloud storage is free).

On the Mac, when you click on System Preferences>iCloud, you make sure iCloud Drive is turned on, then click on Options next to iCloud Drive and make sure that the iBooks option is visible and checked. That should cause your e-Pub books and PDFs to automatically upload to iCloud Drive.

You then would go to iBooks on your iPhone or iPad, and when you open the app, under My Books>All Books, you should see all of the books listed, and the PDFs and e-Pub books that are in your iBooks library on your Mac, but that are not downloaded from iCloud Drive should display with a little cloud next to them.

You can then click on the cloud to download (or “sync”) them to your iPad or iPhone.

Question: My download expired before I was able to download my eBook!

Email us at and we’ll send you a new download link right away.

Question: I’m having trouble downloading my eBook

Some of the eBook files are quite large, so we recommend downloading over a stable wifi network if downloading to a phone or tablet. If your download stops while it is still in progress, it may be an issue with the internet connection briefly cutting out. Most of the time, the issue is resolved by attempting to download later or attempting to download after connecting to a new wifi network. Make sure you have enough space available on your device (you can see the size of the file on the download page).

Question: The eBook is downloaded to my device, but I can't open it

There are several possible causes for this problem. A common cause is an interruption during the download process that damages the file and prevents it from opening. Try downloading the file again to see if you still encounter the problem. Another common cause is the application being used to view the file. The files are copyrighted and protected, so they may not open in certain editing software. The file should work with all PDF viewers and major eReader apps like Play Books, Kindle, iBooks, Open Office, and Adobe Acrobat.

Another common issue is a bug in some versions of Android that prevents PDFs and some other files from opening directly from the notification bar or the built in download manager. If you get a "cannot open file" message when you try to open your eBook, this is probably the cause. To get around this, navigate to and open the file in your downloads folder using a built in file manager application or Androzip, File Manager, or a similar free file navigator application.


Free eBooks

Question: I accidentally threw out my receipt before I knew I needed it!

Don’t worry, if you are unable to send a photo of your receipt, just fill out the form, and let us know at

Question: I ordered on your website, can I get a free eBook?

Yes, but you don’t have to fill out the form - all eligible books automatically come with a free eBook and can be found on your order receipt. Please email if you have any trouble with your download.

Question: I don’t see an email with the download link for my free ebook!

The most common reason is automatic spam/junk mail filtering. Your email may be in your spam folder, if it’s not, it is most likely the result of an incomplete form submission, no proof of purchase received, a typo in the email address, or the email simply didn’t make it through. Please give us a call or email and we’ll send you a new email right away!


Map Downloads

Question: What am I getting when I buy a download?

We provide color contour lake maps, area road maps, stocking and survey data, lake data, and fishing tips from local experts for thousands of lakes across the country.

Many customers are ecstatic about all of this great information we have combined into our Fishing Map Guide Books. However some only desire this information for a specific lake.

For this reason we now provide PDF versions of our fishing map book pages for individual lakes, so that you may download and enjoy any of the individual lakes that we cover in our books!

Question: How do I download the file?

Once you have added all of your items to your cart and have gone through the checkout process, the links to the downloadable files will be emailed to you.

If you created an account with us via our User page or during the checkout process, you will also be able to download your files via links in your User page.

When you click on the link to download the file, save the file to your computer if given the options "Open" or "Save." You can then open the file in a PDF viewer, like Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader (free).

Question: Why are the lake downloads priced differently?

Though we provide detailed information for all of the lakes that we cover, some lake downloads include more information than others. We therefore based our prices on the lake size and number of pages included with each download.

You'll notice thumbnail images on each lake information page. These thumbnails denote the number of pages that will be included in each download.

Question: Why are some lakes combined together into one download?

Some of our lakes are placed together because of their proximity to each other and their size. If two or three lakes are smaller in size and are located in the same area, we combine them into one download.

Question: Can I see a sample?

Absolutely! Click this link to see a sample download.



Question: What’s your privacy policy?

We'll never sell, rent or give away your information, or otherwise misuse it. We ask for your email address for order confirmation, and your phone number in case something happens which requires a phone call.

Question: When will my order be shipped?

If your order is placed before 5pm central time Monday-Friday, we'll ship it the same day. If you place your order on a weekend, we'll ship it Monday.

If you're leaving for a fishing trip in a few days, give us a call and we'll make sure your order makes it to you before you leave. If you're leaving today, however, you might want to download and print the maps you need, and buy the book later (you'll receive a discount for the amount you spend on the downloads).

Question: Is there a guarantee that I will find the information in your products useful?

Of course. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we'll offer you a refund or exchange. Please see the Contact Us page for contact information.