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Wood Engraved Lake & Coastal Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake and coastal maps are the perfect addition to any house, cabin, office or living room. The waterbody is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The waterbody name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained water. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 1/2" to 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite location(s). This map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes and coastal areas as possible, additional lakes, chains, & bays will be added later, but our expert GIS and design team can create any map. Simply click on the custom order link below to order yours!

Available in various sizes in natural and poly, with option for custom messages on the back. Larger maps have even greater, extraordinary detail. CLICK on the waterbody name in list below for product info.

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Select a waterbody:

Lake or Area Name Acres County
Ocean Bays and Coastal Areas NA
Great Lakes & Bays NA
Abbotts Lagoon 200 Marin
Alamere Falls Area NA Marin
Almaden Reservoir 62 Santa Clara
Lake Almanor 28,257 Plumas
Lake Aloha 627 El Dorado
Lake Alpine 224 Marin
Alpine Lake 179 Alpine
Lake Amador 385 Amador
Anchor Bay NA Mendocino
Anderson Lake 980 Santa Clara
Angel Island NA Marin
Angora Lakes 30 El Dorado
Antelope Lake 931 Plumas
Antonelli Pond 7 Santa Cruz
Lake Anza 10 Contra Costa
Lake Arrowhead Reservoir 780 San Bernardino
Atascadero Lake 30 San Luis Obispo
Avonelle Lake 28 Tuolumne
Badwater Basin NA Inyo
Baker Lake 10 Shasta
Lake Balboa 27 Los Angeles
Baldwin Lake 1 Los Angeles
Baldwin Lake 692 San Bernardino
Balsam Forebay 60 Fresno
Barker Reservoir 0.2 Riverside
Barnum Flat Reservoir 371 Siskiyou
Bass Lake 1165 Madera
Bass Lake 6 Marin
Bear Gulch Reservoir 25 San Mateo
Bear River Reservoir 149 Amador
Beardsley Lake 650 Tuolumne
Belvedere Lagoon 66 Marin
Lake Berryessa 20700 Napa
Bethany Reservoir 169 Alameda
Beyers Lakes 12 Nevada
Bicycle Lake 1359 San Bernardino
Big Bear Lake 2649 San Bernardino
Big Dry Creek Reservoir 2151 Fresno
Big Lagoon NA Humboldt
Big Sage Reservoir 5270 Modoc
Big Sur NA Monterey
Big Tujunga Reservoir 83 Los Angeles
Black Butte Lake 4560 Glenn and Tehama
Boca Reservoir 977 Nevada
Bodega Bay NA Sonoma
Bon Tempe Lake 140 Marin
Bouquet Reservoir 628 Los Angeles
Bowman Lake 825 Nevada
Brea Reservoir 161 Orange
Brickyard Cove Pond 4 Contra Costa
Bridgeport Reservoir 3125 Mono
Briones Reservoir 735 Contra Costa
Bristol Lake 42329 San Bernardino
Lake Britton 1265 Shasta
Broadwell Lake 2348 San Bernardino
Brock Reservoir 485 Imperial
Brush Creek Reservoir 22 El Dorado
Bucks Lake 1,827 Plumas
Butt Valley Reservoir 1600 Plumas
Butte Lake 130 Lassen
Cachuma Lake 3100 Santa Barbara
Lake Cahuilla 135 Riverside
Calaveras Reservoir 1450 Alameda and Santa Clara
Lake Calero 110 Sacramento
Calero Reservoir 337 Santa Clara
California Delta 80,000 Contra Costa/Delta/Sacramento/San Joaquin/Solano/Yolo
Camanche Reservoir 7700 Amador, Calaveras, and San Joaquin
Cambron Lake 141 Modoc
Camp Far West Reservoir 6 Tuolumne
Camp Lake 2050 Nevada, Placer, and Yuba
Canyon Lake 525 Riverside
Caples Lake 620 Alpine
Carbon Canyon Reservoir 221 Orange
Carmel By The Sea NA Monterey
Lake Casitas 2700 Ventura
Caspar Beach NA Mendocino
Castac Lake 400 Kern
Castaic Lake 2235 Los Angeles
Castle Lake 47 Siskiyou
Cathedral Lakes 65 Mariposa
Cedar Lake 3 San Bernardino
Central Coast NA San Luis Obispo
Lake Chabot 61 Alameda
Charlotte Lake 30 Fresno
Cherry Lake 1535 Tuolumne
Chesbro Reservoir 328 Santa Clara
Clear Lake 43,520 Lake
Clear Lake Reservoir 24800 Modoc
Lake Clementine 279 Placer
Clifton Court Forebay 2500 Contra Costa
Coast Of California (Santa Cruz And San Jose) NA San Mateo/Santa Cruz
Cogswell Reservoir 146 Los Angeles
Collins Lake 975 Yuba
Concow Reservoir 486 Butte
Contra Loma Reservoir 80 Contra Costa
Convict Lake 150 Mono
Copco Lake 1000 Siskiyou
Courtright Reservoir 1480 Fresno
Coyote Lake 9257 San Bernardino
Coyote Lake 635 Santa Clara
Crescent City NA Del Norte
Crowley Lake 5280 Mono
Crystal Lake 4 Los Angeles
Crystal Springs Reservoir 1323 San Mateo
Cuddeback Lake 2958 San Bernardino
Cuffeys Cove NA Mendocino
Lake Cunningham 50 Santa Clara
Lake Cuyamaca 110 San Diego
Dana Point Harbor NA Orange
Danby Lake 15612 San Bernardino
Lake Davis 4026 Plumas
Lake De Sabla 22 Butte
Deep Lake 66 Siskiyou
Lake Del Valle 1060 Alameda
Diamond Valley Lake 4860 Riverside
Diaz Lake 80 Inyo
Dingleberry Lake 4.7 Inyo
Dixon Lake 69 San Diego
Dodge Reservoir 491 Lassen
Dog Lake 35 Tuolumne
Don Pedro Reservoir 12960 Tuolumne
Donnell Lake 401 Tuolumne
Donner Lake 960 Nevada
Donovan Reservoir 161 Modoc
Dorris Reservoir 1060 Modoc
Duvall Lake 17 Napa
Eagle Lake 16 El Dorado
Eagle Lake 20 Tulare
Eagle Lake 26,000 Lassen
Lake Earl 6900 Del Norte
East Park Reservoir 1820 Colusa
Eastman Lake 1780 Madera and Mariposa
Eaton Wash Reservoir 54 Los Angeles
Echo Lake 338 El Dorado
Ediza Lake 20 Madera
El Capitan Reservoir 1562 San Diego
Lake El Estero 24 Monterey
El Mirage Lake 3240 San Bernardino
Lake El Toyonal 1 Contra Costa
Elderberry Forebay 450 Los Angeles
Lake Eleanor 953 Tuolumne
Lake Eleanor 9 Ventura
Lake Elizabeth 160 Los Angeles
Elizabeth Lake 83 Alameda
Ellis Lake 20 Yuba
Lake Elsinore 3000 Riverside
Lake Elsman 96 Santa Clara
Emerald Lake 4 Shasta
Emerald Lake 20 Trinity
Emerald Pool 1 Mariposa
Encino Reservoir 158 Los Angeles
Englebright Lake 815 Nevada and Yuba
Lake Evans 86 Kern
Fallen Leaf Lake 1408 El Dorado
Farmington Flood Control Basin 4100 San Joaquin and Stanislaus
Flora Lake 9 Tuolumne
Florence Lake 962 Fresno
Folsom Lake 11450 El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento
Fort Bragg NA Mendocino
Foster Lake 8.2 Riverside
Fountaingrove Lake 33 Sonoma
Fowler Lake 6.5 Plumas
Francis Lake 3 El Dorado
French Meadows Reservoir 1344 Placer
French Lake Reservoir 337 Nevada
Frenchman Lake 1580 Plumas
Lake Fulmor 4 Riverside
Gibraltar Reservoir 335 Santa Barbara
Gilmore Lake 72 El Dorado
Goldstone Lake 1260 San Bernardino
Goose Lake 94000 Modoc
Grant Lake 1095 Mono
Green Place Reservoir 173 Modoc and Shasta
Green Valley Lake 22 San Bernardino
Lake Gregory 88 San Bernardino
Grizzly Forebay 15 Plumas
Grizzly Lake 74 Plumas
Guadalupe Reservoir 75 Santa Clara
Gualala Coast NA Mendocino
Half Moon Bay NA San Mateo
Hansen Flood Control Basin 11 Los Angeles
Harper Lake 6207 San Bernardino
Lake Havasu 19,520 Mohave/San Bernardino
Lake Helen 25 Shasta
Hell Hole Reservoir 1250 Placer
Lake Hemet 470 Riverside
Lake Hennessey 790 Napa
Lake Henshaw 2000 San Diego
Hensley Lake 1500 Madera
Hernandez Reservoir 590 San Benito
Hesperia Lake 12 San Bernardino
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir 1972 Tuolumne
Hidden Valley Lake 98 Lake
Hilltop Lake 4 Contra Costa
Lake Hodges 1317 San Diego
Hog Flat Reservoir 1000 Lassen
Hollywood Reservoir 82 Los Angeles
Honey Lake 7,600 Lassen
Horseshoe Lake 70 Shasta
Horseshoe Lake 100 Alameda
Howard Lake 1 Mendocino
Howard Lake 20 Mendocino
Hughes Lake 15 Los Angeles
Humbolt Bay NA Humboldt
Hume Lake 85 Fresno
Huntington Beach 1441 Fresno
Huntington Lake NA Orange
Lake Ilsanjo 26 Sonoma
Imperial Reservoir 7300 Imperial
Indian Tom Lake 500 Siskiyou
Indian Valley Reservoir 4000 Lake
Iron Canyon Reservoir 510 Shasta
Iron Gate Reservoir 1000 Siskiyou
Irvine Lake 650 Orange
Isabella Lake 11400 Kern
Ivanhoe Reservoir 10 Los Angeles
Ivanpah Lake 890 San Bernardino
Jackson Meadows Reservoir 938 Nevada and Sierra
Jenkinson Lake 650 El Dorado
Jenks Lake 6 San Bernardino
Lake Jennings 176 San Diego
Jewel Lake 1 Contra Costa
June Lake 120 Mono
Juniper Lake 400 Lassen and Plumas
Kangaroo Lake 21 Siskiyou
Lake Kaweah 1945 Tulare
Kent Lake 431 Marin
Keswick Reservoir 640 Shasta
Kibbie Lake 100 Tuolumne
Koehn Lake 7295 Kern
La Grange Reservoir 58 Stanislaus and Tuolumne
La Jolla Cove & Canyon NA San Diego
Lafayette Reservoir 126 Contra Costa
Lago Los Osos 80 Alameda
Laguna Beach 350 Marin and Sonoma
Laguna Blanca 20 Orange
Laguna Honda Reservoir NA Orange
Laguna Lake 6 Santa Barbara
Laguna Lakes 5 San Francisco
Laguna Seca 0 Santa Clara
Lake Lagunita 37 Santa Clara
Lake Lagunitas 22 Marin
Lake Leavitt 12 Fresno
Lee Lake 35 El Dorado
Lewiston Lake 1142 Lassen
Lexington Reservoir 70 Riverside
Lincoln Park Lake 750 Trinity
Little Grass Valley Reservoir 450 Santa Clara
Lloyd Lake 2 Los Angeles
Loch Leven 1433 Plumas
Loch Leven Lakes 1 San Francisco
Loch Lomond 7 Inyo
Loon Lake 6 Placer
Lopez Lake 172 Santa Cruz
Los Vaqueros Reservoir 1450 El Dorado
Lost Lake 950 San Luis Obispo
Lost Lake 1480 Contra Costa
Lake Loveland 2 El Dorado
Lower Alkali Lake 5 Riverside
Lower Bear Reservoir 454 San Diego
Lower Klamath Lake 9257 Modoc
Lower Otay Reservoir 710 Amador
Lower Roberts Reservoir 12000 Siskiyou
Lucerne Lake 1110 San Diego
Lyons Reservoir 544 Modoc
Magalia Reservoir 4463 San Bernardino
Malibu Lake 184 Tuolumne
Malibu Reservoir 134 Butte
Mammoth Pool Reservoir 55 Los Angeles
Manhattan Beach 4 Los Angeles
Manzanita Lake 1100 Fresno and Madera
Martha Lake NA Los Angeles
Martis Creek Lake 30 Shasta
Mary Lake 90 Fresno
Lake Mathews 768 Nevada
May Lake 10 Shasta
Lake McCloud 2750 Riverside
Lake McClure 40 Mariposa
McCoy Flat Reservoir 520 Shasta and Siskiyou
McKay's Point Reservoir 7147 Mariposa
Meiss Lake 1800 Lassen
Lake Mendocino 35 Calaveras
Lake Merced 3750 Siskiyou
Lake Merritt 1922 Mendocino
Middle Alkali Lake 266 San Francisco
Miller/Knox Lagoon 155 Alameda
Millerton Lake 19506 Modoc
Mills Lake 3 Contra Costa
Minaret Lake 4900 Fresno and Madera
Lake Ming 4 Inyo
Miramar Reservoir 35 Madera
Mirror Lake 113 Kern
Lake Mission Viejo 162 San Diego
Modesto Reservoir 8 Mariposa
Lake Mojave 150 Orange
Monterey Bay 3800 Stanislaus
Moon Lake 0 San Bernardino
Morena Reservoir NA Monterey/Santa Cruz
Morris Reservoir 2650 Lassen
Morro Bay 1475 San Diego
Mosquito Lake 420 Los Angeles
Mountain Lake NA San Luis Obispo
Mountain Meadows Reservoir 106 Modoc
Munz Lakes 4 San Francisco
Murphy Lake 5800 Lassen
Lake Murray 8 Los Angeles
Mystic Lake 3 Plumas
Lake Nacimiento 5,727 San Luis Obispo
Naples 6400 San Luis Obispo
Naraghi Lake 5,727 San Luis Obispo
Lake Natoma NA Long Beach
Nelson Lake 13 Stanislaus
New Bullards Bar Reservoir 540 Sacramento
New Hogan Lake 445 San Bernardino
New Melones Lake 4810 Yuba
New Spicer Meadow Reservoir 4410 Calaveras
Newport Beach 12500 Calaveras and Tuolumne
Nicasio Reservoir 1998 Toulumne
Lake Norconian NA Orange
Nüümü-Hu-Hupi 845 Marin
O'Neill Forebay 60 Riverside
Lake of the Lone Indian 4 Fresno
Lake of the Woods 2250 Merced
Olivenhain Reservoir 203 San Diego
Lake Oroville 15,500 Butte
Ostrander Lake 18 Mariposa
Owens Lake 64420 Inyo
Pacheco Reservoir 197 Santa Clara
Pacoima Reservoir 68 Los Angeles
Lake Palmdale 218 Los Angeles
Paradise Lake 244 Butte
Pardee Reservoir 2134 Amador and Calaveras
Pee Wee Lake 0.7 Inyo
Peeler Lake 70 Mono
Pelican Bay NA Del Norte
Lake Perris 2340 Riverside
Petaluma Reservoir 10 Sonoma
Philbrook Reservoir 257 Butte
Lake Pillsbury 2000 Lake
Pine Flat Lake 5970 Fresno
Pinecrest Lake 300 Tuolumne
Lake Piru 1240 Ventura
Pit 7 Reservoir 470 Shasta
Pit Six Reservoir 265 Shasta
Piute Ponds 1038 Los Angeles
Point Potrero Pond 1 Contra Costa
Port Of Hueneme NA Ventura
Lake Poway 35 San Diego
Prado Reservoir 6695 Riverside and San Bernardino
Prosser Creek Reservoir 734 Nevada
Puddingstone Reservoir 490 Los Angeles
Pyramid Lake 1360 Los Angeles
Pyramid Lake 9 El Dorado
Quail Lake 120 Los Angeles
Rae Lakes 100 Fresno
Rainbow Lake 40 Alameda
Raker and Thomas Reservoirs 2400 Modoc
Lake Ralphine 19 Sonoma
Lake Ramona 155 San Diego
Rancho Seco Lake 165 Sacramento
Rector Reservoir 82 Napa
Red Pass Lake 865 San Bernardino
Redinger Lake 465 Fresno and Madera
Roberts Lake 5 Sonoma
Rodeo Lagoon 25 Marin
Rogers Dry Lake 7 Plumas
Rogers Lake 20058 Kern
Rosamond Lake 13106 Kern and Los Angeles
Ruth Reservoir 2750 Trinity
Lake Sabrina 184 Inyo
Salt Spring Valley Reservoir 920 Calaveras
Salt Springs Reservoir 975 Amador and Calaveras
Salton Sea 240000 Imperial and Riverside
San Andreas Lake 550 San Mateo
Lake San Antonio 5720 Monterey and San Luis Obispo
San Antonio Reservoir 825 Alameda
San Antonio Reservoir 793 San Bernardino
San Diego Bay NA San Diego
San Diego County Coast NA San Diego
San Francisco Bay NA San Francisco
San Francisco Peninsula NA San Francisco
San Gabriel Reservoir 560 Los Angeles
San Joaquin Reservoir 50 Orange
San Justo Reservoir 202 San Benito
San Luis Reservoir 13000 Merced
San Pablo Reservoir 854 Contra Costa
San Vicente Reservoir 1680 San Diego
Santa Anita Reservoir 17 Los Angeles
Santa Barbara Coast NA Santa Barbara
Santa Catalina Island NA Los Angeles
Santa Cruz NA Santa Cruz
Santa Fe Reservoir 1079 Los Angeles
Santa Margarita Lake 793 San Luis Obispo
Santa Monica Bay NA Los Angeles
Santa Rosa Creek Reservoir 154 Sonoma
Sapphire Lake 15 Trinity
Scotts Flat Reservoir 725 Nevada
Sea Ranch NA Sonoma
Seal Beach NA Orange
Searles Lake NA San Bernardino
Searsville Lake 90 San Mateo
Senator Wash Reservoir 470 Imperial
Sepulveda Flood Control Basin 1340 Los Angeles
Serene Lakes 77 Placer
Seven Oaks Reservoir 177 San Bernardino
Shasta Lake 30,000 Shasta
Lake Shastina 1850 Siskiyou
Shaver Lake 2,160 Fresno
Shelter Cove NA Humboldt
Lake Sherwood 163 Ventura
Shinn Pond 25 Alameda
Silver Lake 385 Amador
Silver Lake 7240 San Bernardino
Silver Lake Reservoir 77 Los Angeles
Silverwood Lake 990 San Bernardino
Lake Siskiyou 430 Siskiyou
Skinner Reservoir 1400 Riverside
Slab Creek Reservoir 249 El Dorado
Sly Creek Reservoir 563 Butte
Smith Lake 63 Plumas
Snag Lake 300 Lassen
Snake Lake 271 Plumas
Soda Lake 19376 San Bernardino
Soda Lake 2717 San Luis Obispo
Lake Sonoma 3600 Sonoma
Lake Spaulding 698 Nevada
Spreckels Lake 6 San Francisco
Spring Creek Reservoir 87 Shasta
Square Lake 0.7 Tehama
Stafford Lake 195 Marin
Stampede Reservoir 3450 Sierra
Stanford Lake 5 Mono
Statue Lake 1 Siskiyou
Stevens Creek Reservoir 95 Santa Clara
Stone Canyon Reservoir 138 Los Angeles
Stony Gorge Reservoir 1280 Glenn
Lake Success 2450 Tulare
Sugar Pine Reservoir 161 Placer
Sulphur Creek Reservoir 40 Orange
Summit Lake 7 Shasta
Sunset Reservoir 12 San Francisco
Superior Lake 1680 San Bernardino
Lake Suttonfield 24 Sonoma
Sweetwater Reservoir 936 San Diego
Lake Tahoe 122,643 El Dorado/Placer (CA), Washoe/Douglas (NV)
Lake Temescal 15 Alameda
Tenaya Lake 100 Mariposa
The Channel Islands NA Santa Barbara/Ventura
The Lost Coast NA Humboldt
Thermalito Afterbay 4302 Butte
Thermalito Forebay 630 Butte
Lake Thomas A Edison 1878 Fresno
Thousand Island Lake 120 Madera
Three Lakes 42 Plumas
Timber Lake 0.8 Lake
Tinemaha Reservoir 2098 Inyo
Tioga Lake 73 Mono
Tolay Lake 200 Sonoma
Toluca Lake 4 Los Angeles
Topaz Lake 2410 Mono
Trinidad Bay NA Humboldt
Trinity Lake 3,824 Trinity
Lake Tuendae 1.4 San Bernardino
Tulare Lake NA Kings
Tule Lake 13000 Modoc and Siskiyou
Tulloch Reservoir 1260 Calaveras
Turlock Lake 3260 Stanislaus
Twain Harte Lake 12 Tuolumne
Twin Lakes 40 Mono
Twitchell Reservoir 3700 San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara
Ukonom Lake 67 Siskiyou
Union Valley Reservoir 2575 El Dorado
Upper Alkali Lake 28862 Modoc
Uvas Reservoir 280 Santa Clara
Vail Lake 1078 Riverside
Lake Van Arsdale 163 Mendocino
Vasona Reservoir 58 Santa Clara
Venice Beach NA Los Angeles
Lake Vernon 40 Tuolumne
Lake Virginia 70 Fresno
Virginia Lakes 50 Mono
Waca Lake 4 El Dorado
Lake Webb 873 Kern
West Valley Reservoir 1050 Lassen and Modoc
Whale Rock Reservoir 594 San Luis Obispo
Whalers Cove On Point Lobos NA Monterey
Whiskeytown Lake 3220 Shasta
Whitehorse Flat Reservoir 2100 Modoc and Siskiyou
Whittier Narrows Reservoir 2500 Los Angeles
Lake Wishon 970 Fresno
Lake Wohlford 225 San Diego
Woodward Reservoir 2427 Stanislaus
Wrights Lake 45 El Dorado
Lake Yosemite 500 Merced