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Wood Engraved Lake & Coastal Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake and coastal maps are the perfect addition to any house, cabin, office or living room. The waterbody is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The waterbody name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained water. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 1/2" to 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite location(s). This map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes and coastal areas as possible, additional lakes, chains, & bays will be added later, but our expert GIS and design team can create any map. Simply click on the custom order link below to order yours!

Available in various sizes in natural and poly, with option for custom messages on the back. Larger maps have even greater, extraordinary detail. CLICK on the waterbody name in list below for product info.

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Select a waterbody:

Lake or Area Name Acres County
Great Lakes & Bays NA
Ocean Bays and Coastal Areas NA
Michigan (Great Lake) 14,272K Multiple
Adams 308 LaGrange
Appleman 52 LaGrange
Atwood (Indian Lakes) 170 LaGrange
Ball 87 Steuben
Barbee Chain of Lakes 739 Kosciusko, Whitley
Barbee, Big & Kuhn (Barbee Chain) 441 Kosciusko
Barton 94 Steuben
Bass 61 Steuben
Bass 1,440 Starke
Bass (N. Chain) 88 St. Joseph
Baugher Lake 30 Noble
Bear 136 Noble
Bear & High Lakes 259 Noble
Beaver Dam 146 Kosciusko
Beaver Dam 205 DuBois
Big 228 Noble
Bischoff Reservoir 190 Ripley
Bixler 120 Noble
Blackman 52 LaGrange
Blue 239 Whitley
Brookville Reservoir 5,260 Franklin
Bruce 245 Fulton, Pulaski
Brush Creek Reservoir 149 Jennings
Cagles Mill Reservoir aka Cataract Lake 1,400 Owen, Putnam
Carr 79 Kosciusko
Cass 89 LaGrange
Cecil M. Harden, Mansfield Reservoir, Raccoon Lake 2,060 Parke
Cedar 120 LaGrange
Cedar 144 Whitley
Cedar 781 Lake
Cedarville Reservoir 408 Allen
Center 120 Kosciusko
Chapman Lakes 638 Kosciusko
Clear 106 LaPorte
Clear 800 Steuben
Cook (Twin Lakes Area Chain) 93 Marshall
Cree 58 Noble
Crooked 206 Noble, Whitley
Crooked 828 Steuben
Crystal Lake 68 Kosciusko
Dalecarlia, Lake 896 Lake
Dallas (Indian Lakes) 283 LaGrange
Deam (Clarke State Forest) 195 Clark
Dewart 551 Kosciusko
Diamond 79 Kosciusko
Diamond 105 Noble
Dogwood (Glendale F & W Area) 1,313 Daviess
Eagle 81 Noble
Eagle Creek Reservoir 1,350 Marion
Edgewood, Lake (No Contours) 53 Morgan
Fish 100 LaGrange
Fish, Upper & Lower 273 LaPorte
Flint 89 Porter
Fox 142 Steuben
Freeman 1,547 Carroll, White
Gage 327 Steuben
Geist Reservoir 1,478 Hamilton, Marion
George 270 Lake
George 488 Steuben
Glenn Flint 379 Putnam
Golden 119 Steuben
Goose 84 Whitley
Grandview Lake 400 Bartholomew
Great Lakes XL Multiple
Greenwood Lake 820 Martin
Hamilton 802 Steuben
Hardy (Quick Creek Reservoir) 741 Scott
Harrison Lake 741 Bartholomew
Heaton 87 Elkhart
Heritage Lake 320 Putnam
High 123 Noble
High & Bear Lakes 259 Noble
Hoffman 180 Kosciusko
Hog 59 LaPorte
Hogback 146 Steuben
Holiday 190 Lake
Hovey Lake (Hovey F & W Area) 242 Posey
Hudson 432 LaPorte
Hunter 99 Elkhart
Huntingburg Reservoir 188 DuBois
Indian Chain of Lakes 855 LaGrange
Indian-Celina Lake 316 Cook
Indiana 122 Elkhart
Irish - Barbee Lake Chain 739 Kosciusko, Whitley
J.C. Murphey (Willow Slough State F & W Area) 1,515 Newton
James 1,034 Steuben
James (Tippecanoe Chain) 282 Kosciusko
Jimmerson 434 Steuben
John Hay 210 Washington
Jones (West Lakes Chain) 114 Noble
Knapp 88 Noble
Koontz 346 Marshall, Starke
Kreighbaum (Twin Lakes Area Chain) 168 Marshall
Kuhn & Big Barbee (Barbee Chain) 441 Kosciusko
Lake of the Woods 136 LaGrange, Steuben
Lake of the Woods 416 Marshall
LaSalle 50 Brown
Lawrence (Twin Lakes Area Chain) 69 Marshall
Lemon 1,650 Brown, Monroe
Lenape (Shakamak State Park) 60 Greene
Lincoln (Lincoln State Park) 58 Spencer
Long (by Laketon) N/A Wabash
Long 154 Steuben
Long 92 Steuben
Long 65 Porter
Long, Big 365 LaGrange
Long, Lower 66 Noble
Long, Upper 86 Noble
Loomis 62 Porter
Loon 220 Noble, Whitley
Loon 138 Steuben
Lukens 46 Wabash
Manitou 1,156 Fulton
Maxinkuckee 1,854 Marshall
Messick (Indian Lakes) 68 LaGrange
Michigan (Great Lake) 14,272K Multiple
Middle Fork Reservoir 161 Wayne
Mill Pond (Twin Lakes Area Chain) 168 Marshall
Mississinewa Reservoir 3,180 Wabash, Miami
Monroe Reservoir 10,750 Monroe
Morse Reservoir 1,800 Hamilton
Mud, South 94 Fulton
Myers (Twin Lakes Area Chain) 96 Marshall
New 50 Whitley
Nyona 104 Fulton
Olin (Olin Lake Nature Preserve) 103 LaGrange
Oliver 394 LaGrange
Oswego (Tippecanoe Chain) 83 Kosciusko
Otter aka West Otter 118 LaGrange, Steuben
Otter, Big 69 Steuben
Palestine 290 Kosciusko
Patoka Lake 8,880 Crawford, Dubois, Orange
Pigeon 61 LaGrange
Pike 203 Kosciusko
Pine, North & South 564 LaPorte
Pleasant 424 Steuben
Pleasant 53 Steuben
Prairie Creek Reservoir 1,275 Delaware
Pretty 184 LaGrange
Quarry Bluff N/A Clark
Riddles 77 St. Joseph
Ridinger 136 Kosciusko
Robinson (Deniston Resource Area) 59 Kosciusko, Whitley
Rockville 100 Parke
Round 131 Whitley
Royer 69 LaGrange
Salamonie Reservoir 2,855 Huntington, Wabash
Santee, Lake 250 Decatur
Saugany 74 LaPorte
Sawmill - Barbee Lake Chain 739 Kosciusko, Whitley
Scales (Scales Lake Park) 66 Warrick
Schaefer Lake 100 Bartholomew
Sechrist - Barbee Lake Chain 739 Kosciusko, Whitley
Shafer 1,281 White
Seven Springs 127 Harrison
Shakamak (Shakamak State Park) 290 Greene, Sullivan, Owen
Shipshewana 202 LaGrange
Shriner 120 Whitley
Silver 102 Kosciusko
Silver 238 Steuben
Simonton 303 Elkhart
Skinner 125 Noble
Smalley aka Beers 69 Noble
Spring Lake 102 Hancock
Starve Hollow (Jackson State Forest) 145 Jackson
Steinbarger (West Lakes Chain) 73 Noble
Stone 116 LaGrange
Stone 125 LaPorte
Story, Upper and Lower 77 DeKalb
Sullivan 460 Sullivan
Summit 835 Henry
Sweetwater Lake 260 Brown
Sylvan 630 Noble
Syracuse 414 Kosciusko
Tamarack 84 Noble
Tippecanoe (Tippecanoe Chain) 768 Kosciusko
Troy-Cedar 93 Whitley
Tucker aka Spring Valley Lake 123 Orange
Turkey, Big 450 LaGrange, Steuben
Turkey, Little 135 LaGrange
Turkey, Little 58 Steuben
Turtle Creek Reservoir 1,550 Sullivan
Twin, North 135 LaGrange
Twin, South 116 LaGrange
Versailles (Versailles State Park) 230 Ripley
Waldron (West Lakes Chain) 216 Noble
Wall 141 LaGrange
Waubee 127 Kosciusko
Waveland 358 Montgomery
Wawasee 3,410 Kosciusko
Webster 774 Kosciusko
West Boggs Creek Reservoir 622 Daviess, Martin
Westler (Indian Lakes) 88 LaGrange
Westwood aka Westwood Run 173 Henry
Whitewater (Whitewater Memorial State Park) 199 Union
Winona 562 Kosciusko
Witmer (Indian Lakes) 204 LaGrange
Worster (Potato Creek State Park) 327 St. Joseph
Yellow Creek 151 Kosciusko
Yellowwood (Yellowwood State Forest) 133 Brown