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New York

Wood Engraved Lake & Coastal Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake and coastal maps are the perfect addition to any house, cabin, office or living room. The waterbody is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The waterbody name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained water. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 1/2" to 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite location(s). This map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes and coastal areas as possible, additional lakes, chains, & bays will be added later, but our expert GIS and design team can create any map. Simply click on the custom order link below to order yours!

Available in various sizes in natural and poly, with option for custom messages on the back. Larger maps have even greater, extraordinary detail. CLICK on the waterbody name in list below for product info.

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Select a waterbody:

Lake or Area Name Acres County
Ocean Bays and Coastal Areas NA NA
Great Lakes & Bays NA NA
Great Lakes XL 60,324,000 Multiple
Erie (Great Lake) 6,361,600 Multiple
Huron (Great Lake) 14,724,000 Multiple
Michigan (Great Lake) 14,272,000 Multiple
Ontario (Great Lake) 4,698,000 Multiple
Superior (Great Lake) 20,288,000 Multiple
Abanakee 1,017 Hamilton
Adirondack, Lake 198 Hamilton
Algonquin, Lake (No Contours) 224 Hamilton
Allegheny Reservoir AKA Kinzua Reservoir 12,000 Cattaraugus, Warren, PA
Almond Reservoir 480 Steuben
Amawalk Reservoir 564 Westchester
Arctic 60 Broome
Artist 28 Suffolk
Ashokan Reservoir 7,923 Ulster
Attica Reservoir 173 Wyoming
Ballston 314 Saratoga
Balsam Pond 153 Chenango
Barnum Pond 84 Franklin
Bear 116 Chautauqua
Bear (04-0968) 52 Herkimer
Bear Pond 54 Franklin
Bear Pond 78 Herkimer
Beaver 234 Lewis
Beaver 136 Hamilton
Beaver Flow (No Contours) 115 Essex
Berrymill Pond 54 Essex
Big Bad Luck Pond 115 Hamilton
Big Pond aka Rogers Pond 63 Essex
Black 8,352 St. Lawrence
Black Pond 72 Franklin
Blake Falls Reservoir 710 St. Lawrence
Blue Mountain 1,334 Hamilton
Bog Brook Reservoir 398 Putnam
Bog River Flow aka Lows Lake 2,845 Hamilton, St. Lawrence
Bonaparte, Lake 1,286 Lewis
Bond Lake 37 Niagara
Boy Scout Clear Pond 79 Franklin
Boyd Corners Reservoir 211 Putnam
Branch Reservoir, East aka Sodom Lake 490 Putnam
Branch Reservoir, Middle 395 Putnam
Branch Reservoir, West 1,061 Putnam
Brant 1,376 Warren
Brantingham 325 Lewis
Bridge Brook Pond 167 St. Lawrence
Brooklyn NA Kings
Brown's Falls Reservoir 136 St. Lawrence
Browns Tract Pond, Lower 156 Hamilton
Browns Tract Pond, Upper 51 Hamilton
Buck Pond 130 NA
Bug 80 Hamilton
Burden 369 Rensselaer
Burntbridge Pond 54 St. Lawrence
Butterfield 1,005 Jefferson
Canaan 22 Suffolk
Canada 128 Fulton
Canadarago 1,902 Otsego
Canadice 649 Ontario
Canandaigua 10,558 Ontario
Cannonsville Reservoir 4,801 Delaware
Canopus 100 Putnam
Cape Pond 243 Ulster
Caroga, East 198 Fulton
Caroga, West 319 Fulton
Carry Falls Reservoir 5,753 St. Lawrence
Cascade 100 Hamilton
Cassadaga (Upper, Middle, Lower) 217 Chautauqua
Cassadaga, Lower 83 Chautauqua
Cassadaga, Upper 102 Chautauqua
Catamount Pond 102 St. Lawrence
Cayuga 42,496 Cayuga, Seneca, Tompkins
Cayuta 371 Schuyler
Cazenovia 1,184 Madison
Cedar 368 Hamilton
Cedar 64 St. Lawrence
Chadwick 207 Orange
Champlain 278,400 Clinton/Essex County NY, Addison/Chittenden/Franklin/Rutland County VT, Quebec Canada
Chapel Pond 18 Essex
Chase 64 Fulton
Chateaugay Narrows 181 NA
Chateaugay, Lower 568 Franklin
Chateaugay, Upper 2,594 Clinton
Chateaugay, Upper and Lower 3,139 Clinton
Chaumont Bay N/A Jefferson
Chautauqua 13,156 Chautauqua
Chazy 1,606 Clinton
Chenango 122 Chenango
Cheney Pond 70 Essex
Chesapeake Bay NA NA
Chodikee 60 Ulster
Chub Pond 99 Herkimer
Clear 160 Jefferson
Clear 99 Herkimer
Clear Outlet, Lake 115 Franklin
Clear Pond (see Rainbow Lake) 97 Franklin
Clear Pond, Little 352 Franklin
Clear, Lake 998 Franklin
Cod Pond 50 Warren
Colby, Lake 272 Franklin
Colgate Lake 29 Greene
Collins 59 Schenectady
Colton Flow 150 St. Lawrence
Colton Reservoir, South 230 St. Lawrence
Como, Lake 64 Cayuga
Conesus 3,420 Livingston
Connery Pond 81 Essex
Copake 410 Columbia
Copper Lake 60 Lewis
Cossayuna 661 Washington
Cranberry 6,976 St. Lawrence
Crane Pond 167 Essex
Crooked 121 Onondaga
Crooked 109 Rensselaer
Cross 1,920 Cayuga, Onondaga
Cross River Reservoir & Outlet 915 Westchester
Crotched Pond 64 Hamilton
Croton Falls Reservoir 1,062 Putnam
Croton Reservoir, New 2,182 Westchester
Crystal aka Six Town Pond 173 Jefferson
Cuba 445 Allegany
DeRuyter Reservoir 576 Madison
Debar Pond 86 Franklin
Deer Pond 53 Franklin
Deer Pond 116 Franklin
Deer Pond, Big 56 Hamilton
Deer River Flow 394 Franklin
Delta 2,483 Oneida
Diverting Reservoir aka Croton Falls Diverting Res 127 Putnam
Downstate NY (Manhattan. Bronx - Brooklyn - West Half Of Long Island) NA NA
Dry Creek Pond 65 Franklin
Dryden 117 Tompkins
Duane Lake 122 Schenectady
Duck 218 Cayuga
Duck Hole Pond 64 Franklin
Duck Pond 58 Franklin
Dunham Reservoir 91 Rensselaer
Durant, Lake 320 Hamilton
Dyken Pond 381 Rensselaer
Each Branch Reservoir aka Sodom Lake 490 Putnam
Eagle 163 Hamilton
Eagle (438) 420 Essex
East Bay (Northern half) NA Wayne
East Pond 68 Franklin
Eaton Brook Reservoir aka Eaton Reservoir 247 Madison
Eaton, Lake 556 Hamilton
Effley Falls Pond 339 Lewis
Eldon 118 Hamilton
Erie (Great Lake) 6,342,000 Multiple
Erieville Reservoir aka Tuscararo 307 Madison
Fawn 289 Hamilton
Ferris 120 Hamilton
Findley 292 Chautauqua
Finger Lakes 133,584 Multiple
Fire Island - Long Island Sound NA Nassau
First Pond 71 Franklin
First to Fifth, Fulton Chain 3328 Herkimer, Hamilton
Fish Creek Ponds 355 Franklin
Fish Pond 116 Franklin
Fishers Island NA Suffolk
Five Falls Reservoir 145 St. Lawrence
Flat Rock Reservoir 194 St. Lawrence
Floodwood Pond 228 Franklin
Flower, Lake 166 Franklin
Follensby Clear Pond 483 Franklin
Forestport Reservoir 101 Oneida
Forge Pond, Old 51 Herkimer
Forked 1,248 Hamilton
Fort Pond 173 Suffolk
Fourth 51 Warren
Fourth Binnewater 69 Ulster
Fourth, Fulton Chain 2,138 Herkimer, Hamilton
Francis 134 Lewis
Franklin Falls Pond aka Franklin Falls Flow 455 Essex, Franklin
Friends 450 Warren
Fulton Chain (First to Fifth) 3328 Herkimer, Hamilton
Fulton Chain (Fourth) 2,138 Herkimer, Hamilton
Fulton Chain (Sixth to Eighth) 1273 Hamilton
G Lake 96 Hamilton
Galway Lake 518 Saratoga
Garnet 313 Warren
George, Lake (North & South) 28,160 Warren, Washington, Essex
Gilead, Lake 118 Putnam
Gilman 51 Hamilton
Glass 121 Rensselaer
Glen aka Glenn 320 Warren
Glenida, Lake 168 Putnam
Goodyear 369 Otsego
Goose Pond 66 Essex
Grand Island (NY) NA Erie/Niagra
Grass 320 Jefferson, St. Lawrence
Grass Pond 122 St. Lawrence
Great South Bay 96,640 Suffolk
Green 64 Onondaga
Green Pond 63 Franklin
Green Pond, Little 69 Franklin
Greenwood 1,918 Orange
Guilford 70 Chenango
Gull 124 Herkimer
Hadlock Lake 208 Washington
Handsome Pond 153 Hamilton
Harris 287 Essex
Hemlock 1,800 Livingston, Ontario
Hempstead 149 Nassau
Henderson Harbor NA Jefferson
Hewitt Pond 166 Essex
High Falls Pond 185 Lewis
Highland Lake 198 Sullivan
Higley Falls Reservoir aka Higley Flow 698 St. Lawrence
Hinckley Reservoir 2,880 Herkimer
Hitchens Pond aka Hitchins Pond 147 St. Lawrence
Hoel-Sland-Turtle Ponds 455 Franklin
Honeoye 1,772 Ontario
Horseshoe 384 St. Lawrence
Horseshoe Pond 85 Franklin
Hudson River (Tappan Zee Bridge To Bear Mountain) NA Orange, Rockland, Westchester
Hunter Lake 72 Sullivan
Huntington, Lake 100 Sullivan
Huntley Pond 58 Essex
Hyde 186 Jefferson
Independence 52 Herkimer
Indian 4,365 Hamilton
Indian 333 Franklin
Jabe Pond 141 Warren
Jamesville Reservoir 198 Onondaga
Johnsonville Reservoir 269 Rensselaer
Jones Inlet NA Nassau
Jones Pond aka Lucretia 140 Franklin
Kanawauke, Lake 81 Orange, Rockland
Kasoag Lake 100 Oswego
Kayuta 474 Oneida
Kensico Reservoir 2,145 Westchester
Keuka 11,584 Steuben, Yates
Kinderhook 350 Columbia
Kings Flow 194 Hamilton
Kiwassa 282 Franklin
Kushaqua, Lake 377 Franklin
Kyser Lake 175 Fulton/Herkimer
Lake Ontario Section (Pulaski NY to Milford ON) NA nan
Lake Ontario Section (Stoney Pt to Wolf Island) NA Jefferson/Ontario
Lake of the Isles 1,300 Jefferson
Lake of the Woods 166 Jefferson
Lamoka 826 Schuyler
Lead Pond 83 Franklin
Lebanon Reservoir 92 Madison
Leland Ponds, Upper & Lower 100 Madison
Leonard Pond 51 St. Lawrence
Lewey 68 Hamilton
Lila 1,446 Hamilton
Lime 154 Cattaraugus
Limekiln 461 Hamilton, Herkimer
Lincoln Pond 721 Essex
Little Sodus Bay NA Wayne
Lonely, Lake 136 Saratoga
Long 160 Oneida
Long 134 Lewis
Long 4,077 Hamilton
Long Island (Oyster - Huntington - And Northport Bays) NA Nassau, Suffolk
Long Island - Eastern Half NA Suffolk
Long Island Sound 811,520 Nassau/Suffolk
Long Island Sound (At New Rochelle) NA Westchester
Long Level Pond 90 Lewis
Long Pond 339 Franklin
Long Pond 115 Chenango
Long Pond 115 Rensselaer
Long Pond, Little 82 Franklin
Loon 141 Steuben
Loon 593 Warren
Loon 354 Franklin
Louise Marie, Lake 218 Sullivan
Luzerne, Lake 111 Warren
Madawaska Pond 182 Franklin
Madison Reservoir aka Lake Moraine 250 Madison
Mahopac, Lake 583 Putnam
Manhattan Island - New York City NA Kings, New York City, Queens
Mariaville 201 Schenectady
Mason 90 Hamilton
Massawepie 437 St. Lawrence
McCauley Pond 77 Franklin
Meacham 1,203 Franklin
Metcalf 64 Hamilton
Meyers Pond 14 Sullivan
Middle Branch Reservoir 395 Putnam
Middle Pond 60 Franklin
Millsite 506 Jefferson
Minerva Lake 79 Essex
Mirror 128 Essex
Mohansic 108 Westchester
Mohegan 54 Sullivan
Lake Muskoday 118 Hamilton
Mongaup Falls Reservoir 103 Sullivan
Mongaup Pond 122 Sullivan
Montauk, Lake 900 Suffolk
Moon 218 Jefferson
Moose Pond (Newcomb) 185 Essex
Moose Pond (St. Armand) 155 Essex
Moose, Big 1,286 Herkimer
Moreau 128 Saratoga
Moriches Bay 10,090 Suffolk
Morningside 130 Sullivan
Moshier Reservoir 281 Herkimer
Moss aka Whipple aka Morse 113 Herkimer
Mountain Pond 56 Franklin
Mud Pond 109 Clinton
Mud Pond 67 Lewis
Muller Pond 77 Essex
Muskellunge 288 Jefferson
Mystic To Quonochonaug Coastal Region NA Washington, New London, Suffolk
Narrow Bay 1,920 Suffolk
Nathaniel Cole Park Pond aka Tingley Pond 55 Broome
Neatahwanta, Lake 749 Oswego
Negro 120 Herkimer
Nelson 87 Herkimer
Neversink Reservoir 1,472 Sullivan
New Mill Pond (aka Blydenburgh) 102 Suffolk
Newcomb 506 Essex
Newton Falls Reservoir 193 St. Lawrence
Niagra Falls NA Erie/Niagra
Niagra Falls (Eastern Section) NA Niagra/Ontario
Niagra River (Ontario to Falls) NA Niagra
Nicks 205 Herkimer
Nine Corner 111 Fulton
North 437 Herkimer
North Pond 104 Essex
North-South 84 Greene
Northville Pond aka Northville Lake 58 Fulton
Norwood Reservoir 352 St. Lawrence
Olmstead Pond 51 St. Lawrence
Oneida 51,092 Oneida, Oswego
Onondaga 2,944 Onondaga
Ontario (Great Lake) 4,698,000 Multiple
Onteora 19 Ultster
Orange Lake 400 Orange
Oseetah aka Miller Pond 697 Franklin
Osgood Pond 525 Franklin
Otisco 2,214 Onondaga
Otsego aka Otsego Lake 4,275 Otsego
Otter 139 Oneida
Otter aka Weesport R&G 282 Cayuga
Otter, Big 227 Herkimer
Owasco 6,784 Cayuga
Ozonia, Lake 397 St. Lawrence
Panther 122 Oswego
Paradox 840 Essex
Payne 154 Jefferson
Peck 1,370 Fulton
Pepacton Reservoir 5,763 Delaware
Perch 540 Jefferson
Petonia 26 Chenango
Pharaoh 442 Essex
Piercefield Flow 365 Franklin, St. Lawrence
Pillsbury 96 Hamilton
Pine 88 Hamilton
Pine 60 Lewis
Pine Meadow 73 Rockland
Pine Pond, East 64 Franklin
Pine Pond, West 64 Franklin
Piseco 2,842 Hamilton
Placid, Lake 2,173 Essex
Pleasant 205 St. Lawrence
Pleasant, Lake 1,547 Hamilton
Pocantico Lake 69 Westchester
Polliwog Pond 185 Franklin
Port Bay NA Wayne
Portaferry 79 St. Lawrence
Preston Pond, Lower 56 Essex
Preston Pond, Upper 73 Essex
Putnam Pond 172 Essex
Quaker aka Lake Hammersley 270 Cattaraugus
Queechy 130 Columbia
Queer 133 Hamilton
Rainbow Falls Reservoir 717 St. Lawrence
Rainbow Lake 357 Franklin
Rainbow Lake Inlet (see Rainbow Lake) 86 Franklin
Raquette 5,263 Hamilton
Raquette Pond 1,024 Franklin
Raritan Bay NA Richmond, Monmouth
Raritan Bay - Upper And Lower Bay NA NA
Red 358 Jefferson
Red House 109 Cattaraugus
Reed Pond, Big 52 Suffolk
Rich 342 Essex
Rio Reservoir 422 Orange, Sullivan
Rochester Area (Irondequoit Bay to Braddock Bay) NA Monroe
Rock Pond 56 Essex
Rock Pond 55 Franklin
Rockland 279 Rockland
Rollins Pond 445 Franklin
Rondaxe, Lake 224 Herkimer
Rondout Reservoir aka Roundout Reservoir 2,099 Sullivan, Ulster
Ronkonkoma, Lake 231 Suffolk
Round 97 Orange
Round 78 St. Lawrence
Round 321 Saratoga
Round Pond 141 Hamilton
Round Pond 222 Hamilton
Roxanne, Lake 194 Clinton
Rudd Pond 64 Dutchess
Rushford 585 Allegany
Sacandaga 1,600 Hamilton
Sacandaga, Great 26,860 Fulton, Saratoga
Sackets Harbor NA Jefferson
Safford, Little 105 Herkimer
Sagamore 168 Hamilton
Saint Regis Pond 383 NA
Saint Regis, Lower 350 Franklin
Saint Regis, Upper 813 Franklin
Salmon 110 Herkimer
Salmon River Reservoir aka Redfield Reservoir 3,379 Oswego
Sampson Pond 61 Hamilton
Sand Pond 75 Lewis
Sand Pond 64 Essex
Sandy Pond, North aka North Pond 218 Jefferson, Oswego
Sandy Ponds NA Oswego
Saranac, Lower 2,286 Franklin
Saranac, Middle 1,384 Franklin
Saranac, Upper 5,066 Franklin
Saratoga 4,028 Saratoga
Sargent Pond, Lower 129 Hamilton
Sargent Pond, Upper 131 Hamilton
Schaghticoke Reservoir 147 Rensselaer
Schoharie Reservoir 1,159 Schoharie
Schroon 4,003 Essex, Warren
Sebago, Lake 297 Rockland
Second Pond 82 Franklin
Seneca 43,343 Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Y
Shallow 268 Hamilton
Shell Creek NA Nassau
Shelter Island NA Suffolk
Siamese Pond, Lower 97 Warren
Siamese Pond, Upper 97 Warren
Sidney Reservoir, East 210 Delaware
Silver 836 Wyoming
Silver 832 Clinton
Silvermine, Lake aka Silver Mine Lake 84 Orange
Sister Lake, Lower 84 NA
Sister Lake, Upper 79 NA
Sixberry 128 Jefferson
Sixth to Eighth, Fulton Chain 1273 Hamilton
Skaneateles 8,704 Onondaga
Sleepy Hollow Lake 326 Greene
Snyders 110 Rensselaer
Sodus Bay 5,165 Wayne
Soft Maple Dam Pond 89 Lewis
Soft Maple Reservoir 326 Lewis
South 88 Hamilton
South 499 Herkimer
South Creek 57 St. Lawrence
South Pond 428 Hamilton
Spectacle 165 Fulton, Hamilton
Spitfire 254 Franklin
Sprague Pond 64 Hamilton
Spruce 179 Hamilton
Square Pond (with Fish Creek Ponds) 355 Franklin
Square Pond, Little 117 Franklin
Squaw 90 Hamilton
St Lawrence River (Clayton To Tibbetts Point & Fuller Bay) NA Jefferson
St Lawrence River (Morristown to Ogdensburg) NA St. Lawrence
St. Lawrence River (at Clayton NY) NA St. Louis
Stahahe, Lake 90 Orange
Star 208 St. Lawrence
Stark Falls Reservoir (aka Stark Reservoir) 705 St. Lawrence
Sterling 288 Orange
Sterling Forest aka Blue 115 Orange
Stillwater Pond 55 Putnam
Stillwater Reservoir 6,195 Herkimer
Stissing Pond 70 Dutchess
Stoner aka Middle Lake 83 Fulton
Stony Creek Ponds 185 Franklin
Stony Pond 59 Essex
Stony aka Stoney 77 Lewis
Streeter 68 St. Lawrence
Sturgeon Pool 188 Ulster
Sucker 100 St. Lawrence
Superior, Lake (90 acres) 90 Sullivan
Swinging Bridge Reservoir 889 Sullivan
Sylvan 112 Dutchess
Sylvia 314 St. Lawrence
Taghkanic, Lake 162 Columbia
Taylor Pond 803 Clinton
Taylorville Reservoir 93 Lewis
The Hamptons NA Suffolk
Third 55 NA
Thirteenth 329 Warren
Thompsons 128 Albany
Thousand Islands, Grindstone and Wellesley Islands NA Jefferson/St. Lawrence River
Tiorati, Lake 292 Orange
Tirrell Pond 166 Hamilton
Titicus Reservoir 681 Westchester
Titus, Lake 430 Franklin
Tomhannock 166 Orange
Toronto Reservoir 833 Sullivan
Treasure Lake 46 Sullivan
Trout 237 Warren
Trout 371 St. Lawrence
Trout Pond, Big 157 St. Lawrence
Tsatsawassa 129 Nassau
Tully 230 Cortland
Tupper 4,800 Franklin, St. Lawrence
Tupper, Little 2,381 Hamilton
Turtle Pond 68 Franklin
Twitchell 134 Herkimer
Union Falls Flow aka Union Falls Reservoir 1,704 Clinton, Franklin
Upper Little York 41 Cortland
Utowana 300 Hamilton
Walton 117 Orange
Waneta 813 Schuyler, Steuben
Wappinger 100 Dutchess
Warner 115 Albany
Washington, Lake 166 Orange
Waterport Reservoir AKA Alice, Lake 338 Orleans
Watervliet Reservoir (aka) Rensselaer Res 403 Albany
Welch, Lake 182 Rockland
Weller Pond 180 Franklin
West 193 Fulton
West Branch Reservoir 1,061 Putnam
West Hampton Dunes 96,640 Suffolk
Whaley 259 Dutchess
Whey Pond 108 Franklin
White 280 Sullivan
White Lake 244 Oneida
White Lake (horizontal) 244 Oneida
White Pond 140 Putnam
Whitney 110 Hamilton
Whitney Point Reservoir 3,168 Broome
Wilber 88 Otsego
Wilcox 134 Warren
Wildwood 66 Suffolk
Witchhopple Pond 93 Herkimer
Wolf Pond 70 Herkimer
Wolf Pond (05-0561) 60 Essex
Wolf Pond, Little 157 Franklin
Woodhull 1,158 Herkimer
Woodhull, Little 79 Herkimer
Woods 70 Hamilton
Yellow 365 St. Lawrence
York, Upper Litte 41 Cortland