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New Jersey

Wood Engraved Lake & Coastal Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake and coastal maps are the perfect addition to any house, cabin, office or living room. The waterbody is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The waterbody name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained water. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 1/2" to 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite location(s). This map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes and coastal areas as possible, additional lakes, chains, & bays will be added later, but our expert GIS and design team can create any map. Simply click on the custom order link below to order yours!

Available in various sizes in natural and poly, with option for custom messages on the back. Larger maps have even greater, extraordinary detail. CLICK on the waterbody name in list below for product info.

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Select a waterbody:

Lake or Area Name Acres County
Ocean Bays and Coastal Areas NA NA
Great Lakes & Bays NA NA
Absecon Island NA Atlantic
Lake Aeroflex 112 Sussex
Alcyon Lake 18 Gloucester
Allamuchy Pond 50 Warren
Alloway Lake 120 Salem
Lake Ames 16 Morris
Amwell Lake 11 Hunterdon
Ann Van Middleworth Pond 3 Somerset
Assunpink Lake 227 Monmouth
Atlantic City - Brigantine Coastline NA Atlantic
Atsion Lake 88 Burlington
Atwater Pond (Black River WMA) 2 Morris
Lake Audrey 120 Cumberland
Barbour Pond 9 Passaic
Bargaintown Pond 48 Atlantic
Lake Barnegat 65 Ocean
Barnegat Bay NA Ocean
Barnegat Bay (Silverton Area) NA Ocean
Batsto Lake 40 Burlington
Bayville Region NA Ocean
Beach Haven West NA Ocean
Beaver Dam Creek - Point Plesant NA NA
Bedminster Pond 5 Somerset
Bee Meadow Park Pond 3 11 Morris
Belle Mountain Pond 1.3 Mercer
Bennetts Pond 22 Ocean
Best Lake 4 Somerset
Big Pine Lake 14 Burlington
Birch Grove Park Ponds 12 Atlantic
Bissets Pond 2 Middlesex
Blair Lake 5 Warren
Bloodgood’s Pond 5 12 Union
Blue Mountain Lake 15 Sussex
Bogues Pond 3 Passaic
Bostwick Lake 33 Cumberland
Brainerd Lake 13 Middlesex
Branch Brook Park Lake 23 Essex
Briant Park Pond 5 6 Union
Brick Township Region NA Ocean
Brushwood Pond 4 Passaic
Budd Lake 376 Morris
Burnham Park Pond 4 Morris
Butterfly Bogs Pond 18 Ocean
Canistear Reservoir 1 313 Sussex
Cape May Park Ponds 6 Cape May
Cape May NA Cape May
Cape May Peninsula (From Cape May To Avalon) NA Cape May
Lake Carasaljo 75 Ocean
Carnegie Lake 244 Mercer/ Middlesex
Carteret Park Pond 2 Middlesex
Catfish Pond 31 Warren
Cedar Lake 57 Cumberland
Cedar Brook Park Pond 5 4 Union
Chesapeake Bay NA NA
Chubb Park Pond 2 Morris
Clark Reservoir 5 80 Union
Clarks Pond 37 Cumberland
Clarks Pond 5 Essex
Clinton Reservoir 1 423 Passaic
Clinton WMA Pond 5 Hunterdon
Colliers Mills Pond 25 Ocean
Colonial Lake 18 Mercer
Community Park Pond (Walrus Pond) 3 Morris
Lake Como 35 Monmouth
Conines Pond (Allentown Millpond) 25 Monmouth
Cooper River Park Lake 150 Camden
Coopers Park Pond 4 Bergen
Cranberry Lake 179 Sussex
Crater Lake 16 Sussex
Lake Creighton (Victor Crowell Pond) 5 Middlesex
Crystal Lake 3 Bergen
Crystal Lake 18 Burlington
Cumberland Pond 25 Cumberland
Dahnerts Lake (Dahnarts Lake) 3 Bergen
Daretown Lake 13 Salem
Darlington Park Pond (Darlington Lake) 18 Bergen
Davidsons Mill Pond 30 Middlesex
Davis Mill Pond 34 Cumberland
Deal Lake 150 Monmouth
Deerhead Lake 40 Ocean
Delaware Lake 38 Warren
Delaware Bay NA NA
Demott Pond (Lingerts Pond) 1 Hunterdon
Dennisville Lake (Johnson Pond) 50 Cape May
DeVoe Lake 34 Middlesex
Diamond Mill Pond 3 Essex
DOD Lake 120 Salem
Duck Pond 4 Hudson
Dundee Lake 224 Passaic
E. Brunswick Park Lake (Dallenbach’s Pond) 25 Middlesex
East Creek Pond 63 Cape May
Echo Lake 1 274 Passaic
Echo Hill Pond 1 Hunterdon
Egg Harbor City Lake 34 Atlantic
Egg Harbor Twp. Nature Reserve Pond 40 Atlantic
Elmer Lake 57 Salem
Etra Lake 10 Mercer
Farrington Lake 223 Middlesex
Forge Pond 45 Ocean
Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve Lake 65 Bergen
Franklinville Lake 29 Gloucester
Furnace Lake 56 Warren
Gardeners Lake 25 Sussex
Garvey’s Pond 2 Monmouth
Gatun Pond 1 Passaic
George Lake 6 Morris
Lake Gerard 96 Sussex
Ghost Lake 18 Warren
Giampietro Park Pond 12 Cumberland
Glasmere Ponds 3 Passaic
Goffle Brook Park Pond 2 Passaic
Great Bay NA Ocean
Great Bay (Expanded) NA Ocean/Atlantic
Great Egg Harbor NA Atlantic/Cape May
Green Turtle Pond 42 Passaic
Greenwich Lake 20 Gloucester
Greenwood Lake 1911 Passaic
Grenloch Lake 12 Gloucester
Gropps Lake 26 Mercer
Grover Cleveland Park Pond 1 Essex
Grovers Mill Pond 31 Mercer
Haddon Lake 11 Camden
Hamilton Fire Co. Pond 2 Monmouth
Hammonton Lake 73 Atlantic
Harrisonville Lake 18 Gloucester/ Salem
Harrisville Lake 50 Burlington
Hedden Park Lake 4 Morris
Helmetta Lake 35 Middlesex
Heritage Park Pond 5 Atlantic
Holmdel Park Pond 3 Monmouth
Lake Hopatcong 2,686 Sussex/Morris
Hopkins Pond 4 Camden
Horicon Lake 57 Ocean
Hughes Lake 4 3 Passaic
Hurleys Pond 7 Monmouth
Indian Lake 6 Bergen
Iona Lake 33 Gloucester
Jacksons Pond (Rahway River Park Pond) 9 Union
Jefferson Lake 46 Sussex
Kays Pond 6 Morris
Kennedy Pond 14 Ocean
Kennedy Park Pond 18 Middlesex
Lake Kinnelon 124 Morris
Kirkwood Lake 20 Camden
Lake of the Lillies 20 Ocean
Laurel Acres Pond 4 Burlington
Lavallette Beach (From Metedeconk River To Toms River NA Ocean
Lavallette (Bryn Mawr Ave To Dover Ave) NA Ocean
Lavallette (Zoomed) NA Ocean
Lefferts Lake 68 Monmouth
Lake Lenape 323 Atlantic
Liberty Park Reflection Pond 1.5 Bergen
Lincoln Park Lake 3 Hudson
Little Pine Lake 9 Burlington
Little Swartswood Lake 83 Sussex
Log Basin Pond 2 Mercer
Long Beach Island NA Ocean
Longport NA Atlantic
Lake Lookout (Lookout Lake) 11.5 Sussex
Lower Echo Park Pond 7 Union
MacMillan Reservoir 12 Bergen
Macs Pond 2 Monmouth
Malaga Lake 98 Gloucester
Lake Manalapan 52 Middlesex
Manasquan Reservoir 720 Monmouth
Lake Manetta 18 Ocean
Manhawkin Lake 62 Ocean
Mannys Pond 4 Hunterdon
Mantoloking Region NA Ocean
Maple Lake 35 Atlantic
Lake Marcia 18 Sussex
Marlu Lake (Thompson Park Lake) 19 Monmouth
Mary Elmer Lake 21 Cumberland
Maskells Mill Pond 32 Salem
Medford Park Pond 5 Burlington
Menantico Sand Ponds 62 Cumberland
Mercer Lake 270 Mercer
Merrill Creek Reservoir 650 Warren
Mettlers Pond 4 Somerset
Mill Pond 32 Atlantic
Mill Pond 1 Passaic
Mill Pond (Silver Lake) 9 Bergen
Millhurst Pond 21 Monmouth
Milton Lake 5 9 Union
Mindowaskin Pond 2 Union
Mirror Lake 250 Burlington
Mohawk Pond 2 Monmouth
Lake Mohawk 800 Sussex
Monksville Reservoir 505 Passaic
Morris County Park Pond (Malhon Dickerson 0.6 Morris
Mountain Lake 116 Warren
Mountain Farm Pond 5 Hunterdon
Mt. Hope Pond 18 Morris
Mullica Hill Pond 10 Gloucester
Mullica River NA Atlantic/Burlington
Lake Musconetcong 315 Morris/Sussex
Navesink And Shrewsbury Rivers NA Monmouth
New Brooklyn Lake 7 Camden
New Jersey Shore (Highlands To Point Pleasant) NA Monmouth/Ocean
Newton Lake 41 Camden
Nomahegan Pond 5 6 Union
North Commmunity Park Pond 2 Mercer
Lake Nummy 23 Cape May
Oak Pond 12 Camden
Oak Ridge Reservoir 1 482 Passaic
Oakford Lake 30 Ocean
Ocean County Park Lake (Lake Fishigan) 3 Ocean
Ocean City NA Cape May
Lake Ocquittunk 9 Sussex
Oldham Pond 13 Passaic
Oradell Reservoir 1 675 Bergen
Orange Pond (Orange Park Pond) 1.5 Essex
Orange Reservoir 62 Essex
Ortley Beach (Jersey City Ave To Porter Ave) NA Ocean
Lake Oswego 102 Burlington
Otto C. Pehle Park Pond 9 Bergen
Overpeck Lake 157 Bergen
Panther Pond 37 Sussex
Lake Papaianni 5 Middlesex
Parvin Lake 93 Salem
Patriot Lake 2 Atlantic
Paulinskill Lake 177 Sussex
Peddie Lake 18 Mercer
Pemberton Lake 45 Burlington
Pine Lake 60 Ocean
Plainsboro Pond 37 Middlesex
Pohatcong Lake 31 Ocean
Point View Reservoir 2 412 Passaic
Point Pleasant NA Ocean
Pompton Lake 204 Passaic
Ponderlodge Pond 8 Cape May
Poricy Pond 18 Monmouth
Potash Lake 23 Bergen
Prospertown Lake 87 Ocean
Rainbow Lake 76 Salem
Ramapo Lake 91 Bergen
Raritan Bay NA Richmond/Monmouth
Rising Sun Lake 40 Monmouth
Riverview Beach Pond 5 Salem
Roosevelt Park Pond 9 Middlesex
Rosedale Lake 30 Mercer
Round Valley Recreation Area Impoundment 20 Hunterdon
Round Valley Reservoir 2271 Hunterdon
Rowands Pond 1 Camden
Ryker Lake 30 Sussex
Saffin Pond (Weldon Brook Lake) 13 Morris
Salem Canal (No Shore Fishing) 205 Salem
Sallys Pond (Ringwood Mill Pond) 11 Passaic
Saw Mill Lake 20 Sussex
Scarlet Oak Pond 16 Bergen
Schadlers Sand Wash Pond 6 Salem
Seeley’s Pond 3 Union
Selovers Millpond (Milltown Pond) 10 Middlesex
Shadow Lake 84 Monmouth
Shark River Park Pond 2 Monmouth
Shark River NA Monmouth
Shaws Mill Pond 28 Cumberland
Shenandoah Lake 49 Ocean
Sheppards Lake (Shephard Lake) 74 Passaic
Sheppards Mill Pond 51 Cumberland
Silas Condict Park Lake 7 Morris
Silver Lake 12 Monmouth
Silver Lake 24 Sussex
Smithville Lake 22 Burlington
Lake Sonoma 12 Passaic
South Vineland Park Pond 21 Cumberland
Speedwell Lake 20 Morris
Sperry Pond 5 3 Union
Splitrock Reservoir 512 Morris
Spooky Brook Pond 12 Somerset
Spring Lake 15 Monmouth
Spring Lake 6 Middlesex/ Somerset
Spruce Run Reservoir 1290 Hunterdon
Steenykill Lake 35 Sussex
Stone Tavern Lake 51 Monmouth
Stone Harbor And Avalon NA Cape May
Strawbridge Lake 14 Burlington
Success Lake 42 Ocean
Sunfish Pond 39 Warren
Sunrise Lake 4 Morris
Sunset Lake 87 Cumberland
Lake Surprise 18 Union
Swartswood Lake 521 Sussex
Swedes Lake 27 Burlington
Swedesboro Lake (Lake Narraticon) 23 Gloucester
Sylvan Lake 12 Burlington
Lake Takanassee 14 Monmouth
Thundergust Lake 10 Salem
Tilcon Lake 88 Morris
Toms River Region NA Ocean
Topenemus Lake 22 Monmouth
Townsends Inlet Region - Sea Isle City NA NA
Tuckahoe Lake 19 Cape May
Turkey Swamp Park Pond 22 Monmouth
Turnmill Pond 62 Ocean
Twin Lakes 29 Sussex
Union Lake 898 Cumberland
Upper Echo Park Pond 5 10 Union
Verona Park Lake 13 Essex
Lake Vincent 3 Essex
Vincentown Mill Pond 11 Burlington
W. Hudson County Park Pond 4 Hudson
Wallworth Pond 4 Camden
Wargo Pond (Watershed Institute Pond) 5 Mercer
Warinanco Park Pond 7 Union
Watchung Lake 15 Somerset
Wawayanda Lake 248 Sussex
Lake Weamaconk (Englishtown Mill Pond) 7 Monmouth
Weequahic Park Lake 75 Essex
Wells Mill Reservoir 23 Ocean
Westons Mill Pond 92 Middlesex
Weyble Pond 3 Passaic
White Lake 70 Warren
Whitehead Mill Pond 12 Mercer
Whites Pond 7 Bergen
Whites Pond 40 Sussex
Whitesbog Pond 45 Burlington/ Ocean
Wild Duck Pond 3 Bergen
Wildwood NA Cape May
Willow Grove Lake 124 Cumberland
Wilson Lake 58 Gloucester
Wilson Park Pond (McGiluory’s Pond) 2 Union
Woodcliff Lake (James J. Braddock No. Hudson County Park Pond) 16 Bergen/ Hudson
Wooddale Park Pond 4 Bergen
Woodstown Memorial Lake 20 Salem
Woolmans Lake 5 Burlington
Zabriskies Pond (Hartung Lake) 2 Bergen