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South Dakota

Wood Engraved Lake Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake maps are the perfect addition to any lake house, cabin, office, or living room. The lake is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The lake name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained lake. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite locations(s). map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes as possible at launch, additional lakes, chains & rivers will be added later, so please contact us if you don't see the water body you're looking for and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Available in various sizes starting at $159.95. CLICK on the lake name in list below for product info.

Select a lake:

Lake Name Acres County
Albert, Lake (Hamlin) 3500 Brook, Hamilton, Kingsbury
Alice 1146 Deuel
Alvin, Lake 90 Lincoln
Amsden 235 Day
Angostura Reservoir 4612 Fall River
Antelope Lake 2,387 Clark
Bear Butte 180 Meade
Belle Fourche Reservoir (aka Orman Dam) 8063 Butte
Big Stone 12610 Roberts
Bitter 7350 Day
Blue Dog 1502 Day
Brakke Dam 130 Lyman
Brandt aka Brant 987 Lake
Buffalo, North 337 Marshall
Buffalo, South 2184 Marshall
Bullhead 164 Marshall
Byron, Lake 1895 Beadle
Carthage 203 Miner
Clear 1087 Marshall
Cochrane 367 Deuel
Cottonwood 350 Marshall
Cottonwood 454 Sully
Cottonwood 1650 Spink
Cresbard 53 Faulk
Dante 193 Charles Mix
Deerfield 435 Pennington
Dimock 75 Hutchinson
Dry 2455 Codington
Durkee 77 Meade
Elm 1209 Brown, McPherson
Enemy Swim 2150 Day
Eureka Lakes 1 and 2 190 McPherson
Fate Dam 150 Lyman
Faulkton 115 Faulk
Flat Creek 203 Perkins
Francis Case 102,000 Brule/Lyman
Freeman Dam 58 Jackson
Gardner 203 Harding
Goose Day
Goldsmith, Lake 290 Brookings
Grass 2941 Codington
Hanson 55 Hanson
Hayes 74 Stanley
Hendricks 1600 Brookings
Herman, Lake 1350 Lake
Hillebrands 1034 Day
Hurley 75 Potter
Isabel 130 Dewey
Island 250 Minnehaha
Jones 100 Hand
Kampeska 4820 Codington
Lakota, Lake 100 Lincoln
Lemmon, East aka Lemmon State Lake 165 Perkins
Lewis and Clark Lake 31,400 Cedar/Knox (NB), Bon Homme/Yankton (SD)
Long 479 Lake
Louise, Lake 165 Hand
Lynn 1390 Day
Madison, Lake 2800 Lake
Marindahl 139 Yankton
McCook Lake 273 Union
Mina, Lake (Lake Parmley) 806 Edmunds
Menno 47 Hutchinson
Minnewasta 610 Day
Mirage 140 Spink
Mitchell, Lake 670 Davison
Morristown, East 96 Corson
Murdo aka Murdo Dam 171 Jones
Newell 183 Butte
Nine Mile 260 Marshall
Oahe, Lake 370,000 ND/SD
Oahe, Lake (Stanley, Sully, and Dewey Counties) 370,000 SD
Oak 396 Brookings
Oakwood, East 1000 Brookings
Oakwood, West 1200 Brookings
Owens Dam 96 Perkins
Pactola Reservoir 785 Pennington
Pelican 2796 Codington
Pickerel (vt) 955 Day
Pickerel (hz) 955 Day
Pierpont 77 Day
Poinsett, Lake 7886 Hamlin
Pudwell Dam 112 Corson
Punished Woman 477 Codington
Ravine 83 Beadle
Red Iron, South 610 Marshall
Richmond (No Contours) 829 Brown
Roy 2054 Marshall
Shadehill Reservoir 4693 Perkins
Sheridan 385 Pennington
Simon 71 Potter
Sinai, Lake 1200 Brookings
Snow Dam 76 Tripp
Sorum Dam 87 Perkins
Spirit 1100 Kingsbury
Spring 1665 Day
Stockade 130 Custer
Stone, Big 12610 Roberts
Summit 174 Grant
Swan 182 Turner
Swan Lake 1,624 Clark
Sylvan 19 Custer
Tennyson Dam 56 Pennington
Thompson, Lake 16236 Kingsbury
Traverse, Lake 11530 Roberts
Twin Lakes 1235 Spink
Twin Lakes 262 Sanborn
Vermillion, East 513 McCook
Wall 207 Minnehaha
Waubay, North & South 9666 Day
White 187 Marshall
White River Project, Little 111 Bennett
Whitestone 267 Roberts
Whitewood 4970 Kingsbury
Wilmarth 103 Aurora