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Wood Engraved Lake & Coastal Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake and coastal maps are the perfect addition to any house, cabin, office or living room. The waterbody is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The waterbody name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained water. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 1/2" to 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite location(s). This map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes and coastal areas as possible, additional lakes, chains, & bays will be added later, but our expert GIS and design team can create any map. Simply click on the custom order link below to order yours!

Available in various sizes in natural and poly, with option for custom messages on the back. Larger maps have even greater, extraordinary detail. CLICK on the waterbody name in list below for product info.

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Select a waterbody:

Lake or Area Name Acres County
Great Lakes & Bays NA
Ocean Bays and Coastal Areas NA
Ahquabi 114 Warren
Alice Wyth 60 Black Hawk
Anita 182 Cass
Backbone 80 Delaware
Badger Creek 270 Madison
Beeds 100 Franklin
Belva Deer Lake 264 Keokuk
Big Creek Reservoir 883 Polk
Binder 70 Adams
Black Hawk 925 Sac
Blue 269 Monona
Blue Heron Lake 232 Polk
Bob White 89 Wayne
Briggs Woods 59 Hamilton
Brinker 58 Black Hawk
Browns 580 Woodbury
Brushy Creek 690 Webster
Carter 315 Pottawattamie
Casey aka Hickory Hills 54 Tama
Center 272 Dickinson
Clear 3,684 Cerro Gordo
Coralville Reservoir 5,340 Johnson
Cornelia 243 Wright
Crawford Creek 62 Ida
Crystal 244 Hancock
Dale Maffitt 200 Polk, Dallas, Madison, Wa
Darling 280 Washington
Delhi 448 Delaware
Desoto Bend 811 Harrison
Diamond 98 Poweshiek
Diamondhead Lake 186 Guthrie
Don Williams 148 Boone
Eagle Lake (no contours) 906 Hancock
Easter 172 Polk
Elk 261 Clay
Fisher 110 Davis
Five Island 951 Palo Alto
Gar, Lower 251 Dickinson
Geode 187 Henry
George Wyth 100 Black Hawk
Green Valley 381 Union
Hawthorn 172 Mahaska
Hendricks, Lake 40 Howard
Hickory Grove 88 Story
High 467 Emmet
Holiday Lake 1,811 Poweshiek
Icaria 670 Adams
Indian 51 Van Buren
Ingham 377 Emmet
Iowa 308 Emmet, IA, Martin, MN
Iowa 107 Iowa
Iowa Great Lakes (aka Okoboji) 12,687 Dickinson
Keomah 84 Mahaska
Lake of the Hills 57 Scott
Lake of Three Fires 93 Taylor
Leisure Lake 40 Jackson
Littlefield 70 Audubon
Little River 785 Decatur
Loch Ayr 78 Ringgold
Lost Grove Lake 400 Scott
Lost Island 1,266 Palo Alto, Clay
Macbride 812 Johnson
Manawa 772 Pottawattamie
Miami 140 Monroe
Minnewashta 122 Dickinson
Morse 98 Wright
Nine Eagles 63 Decatur
Odessa (no contours) 3,000 Louisa
Okoboji (aka Iowa Great Lakes) 12,687 Dickinson
Okoboji, East 1,835 Dickinson
Okoboji, West 3,847 Dickinson
Otter Creek 74 Tama
Ottumwa Reservoir aka Ottumwa Lagoon 59 Wapello
Pahoja 69 Lyon
Panorama, Lake 1,160 Guthrie
Pine, Lower 50 Hardin
Pine, Upper 69 Hardin
Pleasant Creek 407 Linn
Lake Ponderosa (no contours) 440 Poweshiek
Pony Creek 83 Mills
Prairie Rose 204 Shelby
Red Haw 64 Lucas
Rathbun Reservoir 11,000 Appanoose
Red Rock 19,000 Marion
Rice 1,005 Worth, Winnebago
Roberts Creek 300 Marion
Rock Creek 602 Jasper
Saylorville 5,400 Polk
Silver 316 Worth
Silver 664 Palo Alto
Silver 1,041 Dickinson
Smith 59 Kossuth
Snyder Bend 400 Woodbury
Spirit 5,684 Dickinson
Spirit, Little 618 Dickinson, IA, Jackson, M
Spring 51 Greene
Storm 3,097 Buena Vista
Sugema 574 Van Buren
Sun Valley Lake 414 Ringgold
Sundown, Lake 440 Appanoose
Swan 100 Carroll
Swan, West 1,038 Emmet
Three Mile 880 Union
Trumbull 1,183 Clay
Tuttle 2,360 Emmet, IA, Martin, MN
Twelve Mile 635 Union
Twin, North 453 Calhoun
Twin, West 93 Hancock
Union Grove 118 Tama
Viking 137 Montgomery
Virgin 214 Palo Alto
Volga aka Frog Hollow 135 Fayette
Wall, Little 258 Hamilton
Walnut Creek 60 Ringgold
Wapello 289 Davis
West Lake 335 Clarke
West Park 84 Scott