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Wood Engraved Lake & Coastal Maps
Wood engraved map example

These stunning laser engraved contour lake and coastal maps are the perfect addition to any house, cabin, office or living room. The waterbody is engraved with impeccable detail from our proprietary maps. The waterbody name, description, and map are in 3D bringing visual depth with the recessed blue stained water. Created from 1/4" maple plywood for a total thickness of around 1/2" to 3/4", these maps are great for wall mounting with the included wire hanger and shapes for marking your cabin or other favorite location(s). This map will surely be passed down for generations.

This is a brand new, hand-made to order product, and while we have tried to offer as many lakes and coastal areas as possible, additional lakes, chains, & bays will be added later, but our expert GIS and design team can create any map. Simply click on the custom order link below to order yours!

Available in various sizes in natural and poly, with option for custom messages on the back. Larger maps have even greater, extraordinary detail. CLICK on the waterbody name in list below for product info.

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Select a waterbody:

Lake or Area Name Acres County
Ocean Bays and Coastal Areas NA
Great Lakes & Bays NA
Abert Lake 37150 Lake
Agate Reservoir 205 Jackson
Agency Lake 10324 Klamath
Alsea River and Bay 2516 Lincoln
Antelope Reservoir 3623 Malheur
Applegate Lake 951 Jackson
Beale Lake 54 Coos
Beulah Reservoir 1843 Malheur
Billy Chinook 2830 Jefferson
Blue Lake 66 Multnomah
Blue Lake 60 Jefferson
Blue River Lake 814 Lane
Breitenbush Lake 49 Marion
Bull Run Lake 434 Clackamas/Multnomah
Bull Run Reservoir Number One 416 Multnomah
Bull Run Reservoir Number Two 454 Clackamas/Multnomah
Bully Creek Reservoir 611 Malheur
Cannon Beach NA Clatsop
Cape Meares Lake 158 Tillamook
Charlton Lake 131 Deschutes
Chickahominy Reservoir 485 Harney
Clear Lake 153 Lane
Clear Lake (167) 310 Douglas
Clear Lake (168) 149 Linn
Clear Lake (169) 521 Wasco
Cleawox Lake 79 Lane
Coast Of Oregon NA NA
Coffenbury Lake 51 Clatsop
Cold Springs Reservoir 1441 Umatilla
Collard Lake 41 Lane
Coos Bay NA Coos
Cottage Grove Lake 1026 Lane
Cottonwood Meadow Lake 39 Lake
Cottonwood Reservoir 79 Harney
Cougar Reservoir 1129 Lane
Crane Prairie Reservoir 4144 Deschutes
Crater Lake 13,184 Klamath
Crescent Lake 3823 Klamath
Croft Lake 60 Coos
Cullaby Lake 195 Clatsop
Cultus Lake 1146 Deschutes
Davis Lake 3013 Deschutes/Klamath
Deer Lake 52 Deschutes
Delintment Lake 52 Harney
Detroit Lake 3,500 Linn
Devil Lake 94 Klamath
Devils Lake 632 Lincoln
Devils Lake 22 Deschutes
Dexter Reservoir 884 Lane
Diamond Lake 3040 Douglas
Dog Lake 308 Lake
Dorena Lake 1705 Lane
Drews Reservoir Lake 4697 Lake
East Lake 968 Deschutes
Eckman Lake 58 Lincoln
Eel Lake 347 Coos/Douglas
Elk Lake 387 Deschutes
Elk Lake 66 Marion
Emigrant Lake 781 Jackson
Fall Creek Lake 1716 Lane
Fern Ridge Lake 6361 Lane
Fish Lake 71 Baker
Fish Lake 93 Douglas
Fish Lake 19 Harney
Floras Lake 272 Curry
Foster Lake 1051 Linn
Fourmile Lake 626 Klamath
Garrison Lake 131 Curry
Gerber Reservoir 3815 Klamath
Glacier Lake 53 Union
Gold Lake 87 Lane
Green Lakes 86 Deschutes
Green Peter Lake 3517 Linn
Hart Lake 7209 Lake
Haystack Reservoir 219 Jefferson
Heavenly Twin Lakes 20 Klamath
Henry Hagg Lake 1,113 Washington
Hills Creek Lake 2591 Lane
Horsfall Lake 122 Coos
Hosmer Lake 249 Deschutes
Howard Prairie Lake 1972 Jackson
Hyatt Reservoir 810 Jackson
John C Boyle Reservoir 23 Klamath
Jubilee Lake 92 Union
Lake of the Woods 1229 Klamath
Langdon Lake 49 Umatilla
Laurance Lake 53 Hood River
Lava Lake 343 Deschutes
Lemolo Number 2 Forebay 431 Douglas
Little Cultus Lake 173 Deshutes
Little Lava Lake 112 Deschutes
Lookout Point Lake 4084 Lane
Loon Lake 258 Douglas
Lost Lake 253 Hood River
Lost Lake 79 Linn
Lost Creek Lake 3156 Jackson
Lytle Lake 65 Tillamook
Magone Lake 40 Grant
Malheur Reservoir 759 Malheur
Mann Lake 363 Harney
McKay Reservoir 1174 Umatilla
Mercer Lake 350 Lane
Miller Lake 519 Klamath
Minam Lake 59 Wallowa
Mink Lake 146 Lane
Mirror Lake 28 Wallowa
Monon Lake 94 Jefferson
Morgan Lake 60 Union
Mowich Lake 53 Linn
Munsel Lake 105 Lane
Nehalem Bay NA Tillamook
Nestucca Bay NA Tillamook
Netarts Bay NA Tillamook
North Fork Reservoir 218 Clackamas
North Tenmile Lake 829 Coos/Douglas
North Twin Lake 107 Deshutes
Obenchain Reservoir 71 Klamath
Ochoco Reservoir 970 Crook
Odell Lake 3415 Klamath
Olalla Reservoir 96 Lincoln
Olallie Lake 195 Jefferson
Olive Lake 149 Grant
Oswego 432 Clackamas
Pamelia Lake 53 Linn
Paulina Lake 1371 Deschutes
Penland 62 Morrow
Phillips Lake 2245 Baker
Pine Hollow Reservoir 227 Wasco
Prineville Reservoir 2860 Crook
Rock Creek Reservoir 289 Harney
Rock Creek Reservoir 88 Wasco
Round Valley Reservoir 311 Klamath
Saunders Lake 56 Coos
Scott Lake 36 Lane
Selmac 140 Josephine
Siiuslaw River NA Florence
Siltcoos Lake 3,164 Douglas/Lane
Simtustus 552 Jefferson
Smith Lake 44 Clatsop
Smith Reservoir 140 Linn
South Twin Lake 103 Deschutes
Sparks Lake 316 Deschutes
Squaw lakes 55 Jackson
Strawberry Lake 35 Grant
Strawberry Reservoir 233 Lake
Sturgeon Lake 3166 Columbia/Multnomah
Summit Lake 692 Klamath
Sunset Lake 118 Clatsop
Suttle Lake 265 Jefferson
Sutton Lake 114 Lane
Tahkenitch Lake 2324 Douglas
Tenmile Lake 1138 Coos
Thief Valley Reservoir 751 Baker/Union
Thompson Reservoir Lake 2159 Lake
Three Creek Lake 74 Deschutes
Threemile Lake 69 Douglas
Timothy Lake 1400 Clackamas
Todd Lake 29 Deschutes
Toketee Lake 76 Douglas
Torrey Lake 65 Lane
Triangle Lake 290 Lane
Trillium Lake 62 Clackamas
Unity Reservoir 921 Baker
Upper Cow Lake 1045 Malheur
Upper Klamath Lake 62130 Klamath
Upper Tumalo Reservoir 140 Deschutes
Vernonia Lake 32 Columbia
Wahtum Lake 65 Hood River
Waldo Lake 6,298 Lane
Wallowa Lake 1592 Wallowa
Walton Lake 19 Crook
Warm Springs Reservoir 4137 Harney/Malheur
Wickiup Reservoir 10166 Deschutes
Willow Lake 312 Jackson
Willow Valley Reservoir 544 Klamath
Winchester Bay N/A Douglas
Winopee Lake 67 Deschutes
Woahink Lake 784 Lane
Yaquina Bay NA Lincoln