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Western Adirondacks New York Fishing Map Guide - Interactive eBook (64 MB)


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Product Description

This brand new, Interactive eBook Edition of the Western Adirondacks New York Fishing Map Guide brings everything you love about the print edition to your phone, tablet, or computer with expanded access information, current fishing reports, and more! Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses. To take advantage of the interactive features, we highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader - available for free on the App Store, Play Store, and for Mac OS X and Windows at

This guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake mapsstocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts to help you enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of New York’s many excellent fisheries. Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, 200-page digital volume.

Covering over 160 lakes and the St. Lawrence River. Includes lakes and streams in the following counties: Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida and St. Lawrence.

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Allen Pond 14 St. Lawrence
Bear Pond 78 Herkimer
Bear (04-0968) 52 Herkimer
Beaver 234 Lewis
Beaver Dam Pond 32 Herkimer
Black 8,352 St. Lawrence
Blake Falls Reservoir 710 St. Lawrence
Bonaparte, Lake 1,286 Lewis
Boottree Pond aka Boot Tree 15 St. Lawrence
Branch, Middle 42 Herkimer
Branch, North 16 Herkimer
Brandy 14 Oneida
Brantingham 325 Lewis
Brewer 19 Herkimer
Bridge Brook Pond 167 St. Lawrence
Brown's Falls Reservoir 136 St. Lawrence
Bubb 45 Herkimer
Burntbridge Pond 54 St. Lawrence
Butterfield 1,005 Jefferson
Cage 43 Herkimer
Carry Falls Reservoir 5,753 St. Lawrence
Cat Mountain Pond 21 St. Lawrence
Catamount Pond 102 St. Lawrence
Cedar 64 St. Lawrence
Chaumont Pond 46 St. Lawrence
Chub Pond 99 Herkimer
Church Pond 25 St. Lawrence
Clear 160 Jefferson
Clear 99 Herkimer
Clear Pond 15 Herkimer
Clear Pond (aka Hedgehog Pond) 17 St. Lawrence
Clear Pond (aka Vigor Pond) 36 St. Lawrence
Colton Flow 150 St. Lawrence
Colton Reservoir, South 230 St. Lawrence
Cowhorn Pond 22 St. Lawrence
Cranberry 6,976 St. Lawrence
Crystal 83 Jefferson
Crystal aka Six Town Pond 173 Jefferson
Curtis Pond 17 St. Lawrence
Darning Needle Pond 24 St. Lawrence
Deer Pond 16 Herkimer
Deer Pond 24 St. Lawrence
Delta 2,483 Oneida
Dog Pond aka Ami Pond 18 St. Lawrence
Effley Falls Pond 339 Lewis
Evergreen 45 Herkimer
Fifth Creek Pond 24 Herkimer
First, Fulton Chain 736 Herkimer
Fishpole Pond 15 St. Lawrence
Five Falls Reservoir 145 St. Lawrence
Flat Rock Reservoir 194 St. Lawrence
Forestport Reservoir 101 Oneida
Forge Pond, Old 51 Herkimer
Fourth, Fulton Chain 2,138 Herkimer/Hamilton
Francis 134 Lewis
French Pond 19 Lewis
Goose Pond 17 Herkimer
Grass 320 Jefferson-St. Lawrence
Grass Pond 13 Herkimer
Grass Pond 122 St. Lawrence
Gregg 18 Herkimer
Gull 37 Herkimer
Gull 124 Herkimer
Halfmoon 17 Lewis
High Falls Pond 185 Lewis
Higley Falls Reservoir aka Higley Flow 698 St. Lawrence
Hinckley Reservoir 2,784 Herkimer-Oneida
Hitchens Pond aka Hitchins Pond 147 St. Lawrence
Horn 43 Herkimer
Horseshoe 384 St. Lawrence
Horseshoe Pond 26 St. Lawrence
Hyde 186 Jefferson
Independence 52 Herkimer
Kayuta 474 Oneida
Lake of the Woods 166 Jefferson
Leonard Pond 51 St. Lawrence
Long 13 Lewis
Long 134 Lewis
Long 160 Oneida
Long 21 St. Lawrence
Long 34 St. Lawrence
Long Level Pond 90 Lewis
Long Pond 23 St. Lawrence
Massawepie 437 St. Lawrence
Millsite 506 Jefferson
Moon 218 Jefferson
Moose Pond 39 Herkimer
Moose, Big 1,286 Herkimer
Moshier Reservoir 281 Herkimer
Moss aka Whipple aka Morse 113 Herkimer
Mud 224 Jefferson
Mud Pond 67 Lewis
Muskellunge 288 Jefferson
Negro 120 Herkimer
Nelson 87 Herkimer
Newton Falls Reservoir 193 St. Lawrence
Nicks 205 Herkimer
Nicks Pond 15 Herkimer
North 437 Herkimer
Norwood Reservoir 352 St. Lawrence
Olmstead Pond 51 St. Lawrence
Otter 139 Oneida
Otter Pond 43 St. Lawrence
Otter, Big 227 Herkimer
Otter, Little 43 Lewis
Ozonia, Lake 397 St. Lawrence
Payne 154 Jefferson
Peaked Mountain 37 Herkimer
Perch 540 Jefferson
Pine 60 Lewis
Pine Pond 17 St. Lawrence
Pine Pond, East 13 Lewis
Pine, Little 34 Lewis
Pleasant 205 St. Lawrence
Portaferry 79 St. Lawrence
Rainbow Falls Reservoir 717 St. Lawrence
Red 358 Jefferson
Rock Pond 19 Lewis
Rock Pond 17 St. Lawrence
Rondaxe, Lake 224 Herkimer
Round 78 St. Lawrence
Round Pond 14 Oneida
Round Pond 18 St. Lawrence
Safford Pond 43 Herkimer
Safford, Little 105 Herkimer
Salmon 110 Herkimer
Salmon Lake, Little 38  
Sand Pond 75 Lewis
Sand Pond 15 Lewis
Second, Fulton Chain 262 Herkimer
Settlement, Middle 39 Herkimer
Simmons Pond 16 St. Lawrence
Sis aka West 25 Herkimer
Sixberry 128 Jefferson
Snake Pond 18 Herkimer
Soft Maple Dam Pond 89 Lewis
Soft Maple Reservoir 326 Lewis
South 499 Herkimer
South Creek 57 St. Lawrence
South Pond 40 Herkimer
St. Lawrence River    
Star 208 St. Lawrence
Stark Falls Reservoir (aka Stark Reservoir) 705 St. Lawrence
Stillwater Reservoir 6,195 Herkimer
Stony aka Stoney 77 Lewis
Streeter 68 St. Lawrence
Sucker 100 St. Lawrence
Sunday 19 Herkimer
Sylvia 314 St. Lawrence
Taylorville Reservoir 93 Lewis
Third, Fulton Chain 179 Herkimer
Tooley Pond 46 St. Lawrence
Town Line Pond aka Townline Pond 40 St. Lawrence
Trout 371 St. Lawrence
Trout Pond, Big 157 St. Lawrence
Trout Pond, Little 45 St. Lawrence
Twin Lakes Reservoir 22 Herkimer
Twitchell 134 Herkimer
Unnamed Pond 10 Herkimer
Unnamed Pond 12 Herkimer
Unnamed Pond aka Odor Pond 13 Herkimer
West 32 Herkimer
West Pond 26 Herkimer
Wheeler Pond 15 Herkimer
Windfall Pond 39 Herkimer
Witchhopple Pond 93 Herkimer
Wolf Pond 12 Herkimer
Wolf Pond 70 Herkimer
Woodhull 1,158 Herkimer
Woodhull, Little 79 Herkimer
Yellow 365 St. Lawrence

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