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Eastern Upper Peninsula Michigan Fishing Map Guide - Interactive eBook (40 MB)


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Product Description

This Interactive eBook Edition of the Eastern Upper Peninsula Michigan Fishing Map Guide brings everything you love about the print edition to your phone, tablet, or computer with expanded access information, current fishing reports, and more! Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses. Also, you receive one free update to the next edition with your order! To take advantage of the interactive features, we highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader - available for free on the App Store, Play Store, and for Mac OS X and Windows at Order now and also receive a free automatic update in Spring, 2021.

This digital guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts.

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, 224-page, digital volume. 

Over 250 lakes with public access in Alger, Chippewa, Delta, Luce, Mackinac, Marquette, and Schoolcraft Counties. Includes Great Lakes and stream coverage.

Whether you’re trolling on the Great Lakes for trout and salmon, jigging for walleyes on Indian Lake or wading in Hemingway’s boots in the Two Hearted River, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Michigan’s many excellent fisheries.

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Michigan Eastern Upper Peninsula Fishing Map Guide eBook Edition.

"A great source of information for planning your fishing vacation... The guide goes into detail about the best hotspots and techniques on your favorite destination."

- Mike Gnatkowski,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Ackerman 14 Alger
Anderson 51 Marquette
Andrus 33 Chippewa
Angeline 96 Marquette
Arfelin 66 Marquette
Ashford 13 Schoolcraft
Au Train 830 Alger
Au Train River Basin 1,080 Alger
Avery 17 Chippewa
Baldy 64 Alger
Banana 24 Schoolcraft, Delta
Bar 59 Alger
Bass 295 Schoolcraft
Bass 145 Luce
Bass 217 Marquette
Bass 77 Marquette
Bass, Little 160 Schoolcraft
Bear 25 Delta
Beatons 46 Schoolcraft
Beaver 765 Alger
Beaver, Little 39 Alger
Beaverhouse 42 Luce
Belle 107 Luce
Betchler 85 Chippewa
Betsy 1,300 Luce
Blind Sucker Flooding 1,050 Luce
Blush (aka Farm in DeLorme) 93 Schoolcraft
Bobbygay 29 Chippewa
Bodi 306 Luce
Bone (Little Two Hearted Lake No. 1) 159 Luce
Boney Falls Basin 181 Marquette
Boot, L. Boot 108 Schoolcraft
Boston 50 Marquette
Box (Little Two Hearted Lake No. 4) 42 Luce
Brevoort (Brevort) 4,230 Mackinac
Brevoort, Little 144 Mackinac
Brockies Pond 3 Luce
Brocky 90 Marquette
Brocky, Little 15 Marquette
Buckeye 100 Luce
Buckies Pond 2 Luce
Bullhead 5 Luce
Byers 172 Schoolcraft
Camp 41 15 Delta
Camp 7 60 Delta
Camp 8 66 Luce
Camp 9 37 Schoolcraft
Canoe 34 Schoolcraft
Caribou 825 Chippewa
Carp 14 Alger
Carp, Big & Little (Big & Little Trout) 560 Chippewa
Carr 15 Delta
Cedar 18 Marquette
Chain 324 Mackinac
Cherry 12 Alger
Chicago 180 Delta
Clark 145 Luce, Chippewa
Clear 82 Schoolcraft
Clear 32 Marquette
Cloverleaf 46 Alger
Coattail 53 Schoolcraft
Colwell 148 Schoolcraft
Connor 37 Delta
Cook 125 Alger
Cookson 55 Schoolcraft
Corner, East (Corner Lakes Chain) 151 Delta, Alger, Schoolcraft
Corner, West (Skeels, Corner Lakes Chain) 91 Delta, Alger
Council (aka Tish on DNR access)   Alger
Crooked 190 Schoolcraft
Crooked 56 Marquette
Culhane 97 Luce
Cusino 140 Schoolcraft
Dead River Storage Basin 3,274 Marquette
Deep (Corner Lakes Chain) 44 Schoolcraft, Delta
Deer 12 Luce
Deer 266 Alger
Deer Lake Basin 950 Marquette
Dillingham 10 Luce
Dodge 87 Schoolcraft
Doe 35 Alger
Dollar, Big 57 Mackinac
Dollar, Little 10 Mackinac
Dollarville Flooding (Natalie) 1,400 Luce
Driggs 178 Schoolcraft
Duck (Little Two Hearted Lake No. 5) 23 Luce
Dukes 9 Chippewa
Dutch Fred 27 Schoolcraft
East 995 Mackinac
East 122 Luce
East 54 Schoolcraft
Eighteenmile, Lower   Delta
Eighteenmile, Middle   Delta
Eighteenmile, Upper   Delta
Engman 48 Marquette
Eva 30 Delta
Fish 150 Alger
Fish 156 Marquette
Foote 25 Delta
Forestville Basin (Three Lakes in DeLorme) 83 Marquette
Frenchman's 174 Chippewa
Gemini, North 120 Schoolcraft
Gemini, South 120 Schoolcraft
Goose 441 Marquette
Gooseneck 139 Delta
Grand Sable 630 Alger
Grass 65 Alger
Grassy 176 Schoolcraft
Greenwood Reservoir 1,265 Marquette
Grimes 31 Alger
Gulliver 837 Schoolcraft
Halfmoon (Half Moon) 31 Alger
Harlow 75 Marquette
Herman 85 Schoolcraft
High Banks (Highbanks) 18 Chippewa
Hike 10 Alger
Hogoboom 31 Delta
Holland 5 Luce
Homestead   Luce
Horseshoe 123 Marquette
Hovey 99 Alger
Hughes 69 Schoolcraft
Independence 1,860 Marquette
Indian 8,659 Schoolcraft
Ironjaw 62 Schoolcraft
Irwin 10 Alger
Island 32 Alger
Island 106 Schoolcraft
Island, Big 130 Schoolcraft
Jackpine 64 Delta
Johnson 78 Marquette
Jug 35 Delta
Just 15 Marquette
Kaks 60 Luce
Keewaydin 151 Baraga, Marquette
Kennedy 131 Schoolcraft
Kingston   Alger
Klondike 51 Schoolcraft
Leg 31 Schoolcraft
Legion (Pine) 35 Alger
Lily 144 Schoolcraft
Lion   Alger
Little 90 Luce
Little 448 Marquette
Log 158 Marquette
Long 44 Luce
Lost 37 Schoolcraft
Lost 106 Alger
Lyman 92 Delta
Manistique 10,130 Luce, Mackinac
Manistique, North (aka "Round Lake") 1,722 Luce
Manistique, South (Whitefish) 4,001 Mackinac
McComb 59 Alger
McDonald 1,440 Schoolcraft
McInnes 21 Schoolcraft
McKeever 140 Schoolcraft
McNeil 19 Alger
Mehl 91 Marquette
Michigamme (Lake Michigamme) 4,360 Marquette, Baraga
Michigamme River Basin   Marquette
Milakokia 1,956 Mackinac
Millecoquin 1,062 Mackinac
Minerva 44 Schoolcraft
Mink (Little Two Hearted Lake No. 2) 82 Luce
Mirror 37 Alger
Moccasin 77 Alger
Moccasin 6 Marquette
Monocle 146 Chippewa
Moon 21 Luce
Mowe 24 Delta
Mud 21 Marquette
Muddy 35 Alger
Muleshoe 8 Schoolcraft
Murphy 145 Schoolcraft
Muskallonge 786 Luce
Naomikong 13 Chippewa
Nawakwa 399 Alger
Neds 14 Schoolcraft
Nevins   Schoolcraft
Nineteen (aka Bear) 26 Schoolcraft
Otter 65 Alger
Outlet (Little Two Hearted Lake No. 3) 4 Luce
Paquette 35 Alger
Peanut 12 Luce
Pear   Schoolcraft
Pendills 230 Chippewa
Perch 46 Marquette
Perch 125 Luce
Petes 194 Schoolcraft
Pike 292 Luce
Pike 87 Marquette
Pole Creek & Pine 114 Delta
Porterfield 26 Marquette
Pratt 24 Luce
Pretty 47 Luce
Ready 66 Alger
Red 36 Schoolcraft
Red Jack   Alger
Rexton 28 Mackinac
Rim 15 Schoolcraft
Rock 10 Alger
Ross 196 Schoolcraft
Round 475 Alger, Delta
Round, Little 24 Alger
Sand 106 Schoolcraft
Schweitzer Impoundment 250 Marquette
Scout   Alger
Shag, Big 194 Marquette
Shag, Little 103 Marquette
Sheepshead   Chippewa
Shelldrake   Chippewa
Shoe, North & South 52 Alger
Sid 10 Luce
Skeels (aka West Corner) (Corner Lakes Chain) 91 Delta, Alger
Snyder 60 Schoolcraft
Soldier 18 Chippewa
Soldier, East 11 Chippewa
Spectacle 84 Chippewa
Sporley 76 Marquette
Spring 12 Delta
Square 9 Delta
Squaw 221 Marquette
Squaw, Little   Marquette
Stella 314 Alger
Steuben 135 Schoolcraft
Straits (Corner Lakes Chain) 180 Schoolcraft
Strawberry 10 Marquette
Strouble 319 Mackinac
Sunken 7 Schoolcraft
Swan 46 Schoolcraft
Swanzy (Lindman) 20 Marquette
Syphon 8 Luce
Tank 36 Luce
Teal 505 Marquette
Temple 16 Alger
Thornton 29 Alger
Three Island 30 Schoolcraft
Thunder   Schoolcraft
Thunder, Upper   Schoolcraft
Tiny (Little Two Hearted Lake No. 6) 0.8 Luce
Toms 23 Schoolcraft
Townline 82 Schoolcraft
Townline 40 Alger, Schoolcraft
Trappers 45 Alger
Triangle 166 Schoolcraft
Trout 42 Alger
Trout, Big (aka Wilson) 27 Marquette
Trueman 6 Alger
Twilight 62 Schoolcraft
Twin 103 Luce
Twin 21 Marquette
Two Hearted Lakes, Little   Luce
Vance 24 Schoolcraft
Walker 15 Chippewa
Ward 4 Luce
Wedge 26 Schoolcraft
Williams 18 Chippewa
Wintergreen 4 Delta
Witch 210 Marquette
Wolf 124 Marquette
Wolverine 8 Luce
Youngs (Young) 7 Luce

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