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Northwest Wisconsin Southern Region Fishing Map Guide - Print Edition


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Product Description

The Northwest Wisconsin Southern Region Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts.

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, 224-page, 8 ½ x 11” spiral-bound volume. 

The book features Rice Lake, Lake Chetek, the Holcombe Flowage, Pokegama, Balsam, Deer, Bone, Wapogasset, Yellow and many others. This volume is sure to please Eau Claire, Menomonie, River Falls and Twin Cities area anglers. More than 190 lake maps are included in Barron, Burnett, Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pierce, Polk, Rusk and St. Croix Counties.

Whether you’re chasing giant sturgeon on Big Yellow, muskies on the Holcombe flowage or walleyes on the St. Croix River, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Wisconsin’s many excellent fisheries. 

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Northwest Wisconsin Southern Region Fishing Map Guide.

Get a free, immediate download of the Interactive eBook Edition with purchase - everything you love about the print edition on your phone, tablet, or computer. Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses, and more! The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). For gift orders, please indicate in the Order Comments/Instructions section at checkout that your order is a gift and a gift receipt with eBook download instructions for the recipient will be included.

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Indianhead Flowage 776 Eau Claire
Ward 91 Polk
White Ash 153 Polk
White Ash, North 115 Polk
Wild Goose 182 Polk
Altoona 840 Eau Claire
Amacoy 278 Rusk
Antler 101 Polk
Apple Falls Flowage 39 St. Croix
Apple River Flowage 639 Polk
Austin 86 Burnett
Balsam 2053 Polk
Banach 16 Burnett
Bashaw 172 Burnett
Bass 417 St. Croix
Bear 1358 Barron
Bear Trap 241 Polk
Bear, Little 128 Burnett
Beaver Dam 1112 Barron
Benoit 279 Burnett
Big 259 Polk
Big Falls Flowage 369 Rusk
Birch Island 838 Burnett
Black Brook Flowage 98 Polk
Blake 302 Polk
Bone 1781 Polk
Boot 87 Rusk
Butternet, Little 189 Polk
Butternt, Big 387 Polk
Butternut 141 Barron
Cedar 1107 POLK
Chain 468 Rusk
Chain 107 Barron
Chetek 770 Barron
Chippewa Falls Flowage 282 Chippewa
Church Pine 107 Polk
Clam Falls Flowage 127 Polk
Clam River Flowage 359 Burnett
Clam, Lower 337 Burnett
Clam, Upper 1207 Burnett
Clarey aka Twin 34 Polk
Clear 30 Polk
Clear 95 Rusk
Clear 115 Burnett
Conners 113 Burnett
Coon 54 Polk
Cornell 194 Chippewa
Cornell Flowage 378 Chippewa
Crescent aka Pickerel 19 Polk
Crooked (by Clam) 180 Burnett
Crooked (by Ham) 254 Burnett
Dairyland Flowage 1745 Rusk
Deer 807 Polk
Dells Pond 739 Eau Claire
Des Moines 229 Burnett
Desair 81 Barron
Devils 1001 Burnett
Devils, Lower 162 Barron
Devils, Upper 86 Barron
Doctor, Big 212 Burnett
Duck 100 Barron
Dummy, Big 111 Barron
Dunham 243 Burnett
Eau Claire 1118 Eau Claire
Eau Galle 351 Dunn
Echo 161 Barron
Elbow, East & West 233 Burnett
Fireside 302 Rusk
Fish 355 Burnett
George aka Sping Valley Reservoir 126 St. Croix
Godfrey 56 Burnett
Granite 154 Barron
Granite, Little 22 Barron
Greenquist 58 Polk
Half Moon 579 Polk
Hemlock 357 Barron
Holcombe Flowage 3890 Chippewa
Holmes 54 Burnett
Horse 228 Polk
Horseshoe (by Echo) 115 Barron
Horseshoe (by Kirby) 377 Polk
Indianhead Flowage 776 Eau Claire
Island 530 Rusk
Johnson 397 Burnett
Kirby 92 Barron
Ladysmith Flowage 288 Rusk
Largon 129 Polk
Lily 165 Burnett
Lipsett 393 Burnett
Little Falls Flowage 172 St. Croix
Long 251 Burnett
Long 1052 Chippewa
Long (by Greenquist) 61 Polk
Long (by Loveless) 272 Polk
Long Trade 153 Polk
Loon 94 Barron
Loon 354 Burnett
Loveless 141 Polk
Magnor 231 Polk
Mallalieu 270 St. Croix
Marsh Miller 436 Chippewa
McCann 133 Rusk
McGraw 135 Burnett
McGraw, Little 55 Burnett
McKenzie 57 Polk
McKenzie, Big 1185 Burnett
McKenzie, Middle 530 Burnett
Menomin 1405 Dunn
Montanis 200 Barron
Moon Bay   Chippewa
Moon, Big 191 Barron
Mud aka Ojaski 577 Barron
Mud Hen 563 Burnett
Nicaboyne 291 Burnett
North 89 Barron
Nugget 116 St. Croix
Old Abe 996 Chippewa
Otter 661 Chippewa
Perch 42 St. Croix
Pike 192 Chippewa
Pike (Polk County) 59 Polk
Pine 107 St. Croix
Pine (Polk County) 82 Polk
Pine, Lower 90 Polk
Pipe aka North Pipe 341 Polk
Pokegama 223 Burnett
Pokegama 506 Barron
Poplar 125 Polk
Popple 90 Chippewa
Poquette aka Little Long 97 Burnett
Poskin 150 Barron
Potato 534 Rusk
Prairie 1545 Barron
Pulaski 123 Rusk
Red Cedar 1841 Barron
Rice 326 Burnett
Rice 939 Barron
Rooney 322 Burnett
Round 204 Burnett
Round 216 Chippewa
Round, Big 1015 Polk
Sand 262 Rusk
Sand 961 Burnett
Sand 187 Polk
Sand 322 Barron
Sand, Big 1400 Burnett
Sand, Little 101 Barron
Scott 81 Barron
Silver 337 Barron
Spirit 593 Burnett
Spring 60 Barron
Squaw 97 St. Croix
St. Croix, Lake 8209 St. Croix
Staples 305 Barron
Sylvan 67 Barron
Tainter 1752 Dunn
Ten Mile 376 Barron
Thirty 74 Barron
Thornapple Flowage 268 Rusk
Trade, Big 426 Burnett
Trade, Little   Burnett
Turtle, Lower 276 Barron
Turtle, Upper 438 Barron
Twenty-six 230 Burnett
Twin, North 135 Polk
Twin, South 74 Polk
Vermillion, Lower 208 Barron
Viola 285 Burnett
Wapogasset 1186 Polk
Ward 91 Polk
Warner 176 Burnett
White Ash 153 Polk
White Ash, North 115 Polk
Wild Goose 182 Polk
Wissota 6024 Chippewa
Wissota, Little 6024 Chippewa
Wissota, Upper 6024 Chippewa
Webb 762 Burnett
Wood 520 Burnett
Wood, Little 207 Burnett
Yellow 2287 Burnett
Little Yellow 348 Burnett

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