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West Central Michigan Fishing Map Guide - Interactive eBook (54 MB)


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Product Description

This Interactive eBook Edition of the West Central Michigan Fishing Map Guide brings everything you love about the print edition to your phone, tablet, or computer with expanded access information, current fishing reports, and more! Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses. Also, you receive one free update to the next edition with your order! To take advantage of the interactive features, we highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader - available for free on the App Store, Play Store, and for Mac OS X and Windows at

This digital guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts.

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, 208-page, digital volume.

Lake maps and fishing information for over 190 lakes and streams in Ionia, Kent, Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Missaukee, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, and Wexford Counties plus Lake Michigan.

Whether you’re trolling for trout and salmon on Portage Lake, jigging for walleyes on Tippy Dam Pond or wading the Manistee or Muskegon River, you'll find all the information you needto enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Michigan’s many excellent fisheries.

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Michigan West Central Region Fishing Map Guide eBook Edition.

"A great source of information for planning your fishing vacation... The guide goes into detail about the best hotspots and techniques on your favorite destination."

- Mike Gnatkowski,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Alma 15 Mecosta
Baptist 85 Newaygo
Bass (Kent) 184 Kent
Bass (Mason) 524 Mason
Bass, Big 290 Lake
Bear 1,744 Manistee
Benton 31 Newaygo
Berry (aka Frog) 66 Wexford
Big 218 Osceola
Billings 16 Wexford
Bills 204 Newaygo
Black 10 Kent
Black, Little 243 Muskegon
Blanch 63 Newaygo
Blue 235 Mecosta
Blue 49 Kent
Blue, Big 330 Muskegon
Boom na Mecosta
Brockway 22 Mecosta
Brooks 293 Newaygo
Bruce Bayou   Ottawa
Brush 19 Newaygo
Bush (downtown Baldwin) 17 Lake
Cadillac 1,150 Wexford
Camp 134 Kent
Campau 125 Kent
Campbell 187 Oceana
Canfield 28 Manistee
Cecilia 59 Lake
Center 40 Osceola
Chippewa 790 Mecosta
Clear 130 Mecosta
Clear (Kent) 8 Kent
Clifford 200 Montcalm
Condon 13 Newaygo
Cowden 128 Montcalm
Crockery 106 Ottawa
Crooked 500 Missaukee
Croton Dam Pond (Muskegon R. Res) 1,380 Newaygo
Crystal 76 Oceana
Crystal 120 Newaygo
Crystal 724 Montcalm
Dean 70 Kent
Derby 118 Montcalm
Diamond 61 Osceola
Diamond 171 Newaygo
Diamond (Martiny Lakes Chain) na Mecosta
Dickerson 225 Montcalm
Dogfish na Mecosta
Dorner 48 Manistee
East   Newaygo
Elbow 50 Lake
Emerald 83 Newaygo
Englewright 54 Newaygo
Evans, Big na Mecosta
Evans, Lower na Mecosta
Evans, Upper na Mecosta
Ford 208 Mason
Fremont 790 Newaygo
Gilbert 178 Oceana
Glovers 24 Manistee
Goose, L. Goose, SFCG 100 Missaukee
Gooseneck 77 Mason
Gorrell 30 Mecosta
Grand River na Ottawa
Grass (Coley or North Grass) 28 Montcalm
Gun 219 Mason
Hackert (Crystal) 125 Mason
Half Moon 58 Muskegon
Half Moon 48 Montcalm
Hamlin 4,990 Mason
Hannah 27 Mecosta
Hardy Dam Pond (Muskegon R. Res) 3,750 Newaygo
Harper 76 Lake
Hart 240 Oceana
Haymarsh 210 Mecosta
Healy, SFCG 39 Manistee
Hess 755 Newaygo
Hicks 155 Osceola
Highbank 20 Newaygo
Hightower 18 Oceana
Hillsview (Hillview) 123 Mecosta
Hoags 33 Mason
Hodenpyle Dam Pond 1,680 Wexford
Horsehead 452 Mecosta
Horseshoe 97 Montcalm
Hungerford 35 Newaygo
Hunter 46 Montcalm
Idlewild 105 Lake
Indian (Nagek) 33 Newaygo
Jehnsen 270 Mecosta
Kimball 153 Newaygo
Lime 36 Kent
Lincoln 411 Kent
Long 114 Mason
Long 47 Kent
Long 356 Ionia
Long, SFCG 190 Wexford
Long, SFCG 60 Missaukee
Loon 63 Montcalm
Loon 21 Missaukee
Lost na Mecosta
Macatawa 1,780 Ottawa
Manaka na Mecosta
Manistee 930 Manistee
Martiny Lake Chain 2,080 Mecosta
McCoy 17 Osceola
McLaren 271 Oceana
Meauwataka 94 Wexford
Mecosta 297 Mecosta
Merrill 86 Mecosta
Middle 37 Montcalm
Missaukee 1,880 Missaukee
Mitchell 2,580 Wexford
Mona 695 Muskegon
Montcalm 67 Montcalm
Morrison 325 Ionia
Murray 320 Kent
Muskegon 4,150 Muskegon
Muskellunge 134 Montcalm
Myers 85 Kent
Nevins 53 Montcalm
Nichols 160 Newaygo
North 48 Lake
Paradise (between Foreman and Idlewild) 39 Lake
Pentwater 436 Oceana
Pere Marquette 554 Mason
Pettibone 44 Newaygo
Pickerel 130 Newaygo
Pickerel 318 Newaygo
Pine 156 Manistee
Pine Island, Big 223 Kent
Pleasant 112 Wexford
Pogy 93 Mecosta
Portage 2,110 Manistee
Pretty 120 Mecosta
Rainbow 43 Lake
Rainbow 166 Montcalm
Ransom 31 Newaygo
Reed 45 Lake
Reeds 265 Kent
Robinson 137 Newaygo
Rogers Dam Pond (Muskegon River) na Mecosta
Rose 370 Osceola
Round 155 Mecosta
Round 571 Mason
Saddlebag na Mecosta
Sand 58 Newaygo
Sand 49 Lake
Sapphire 264 Missaukee
School Section 182 Oceana
School Section 126 Mecosta
Sessions 110 Ionia
Shelley 11 Newaygo
Silver 690 Oceana
Spring 1,251 Ottawa
Spring (Montcalm) 54 Montcalm
Star, Big 912 Lake
Stony 278 Oceana
Sunrise, SFCG 120 Osceola
Switzer 10 Lake
Sylvan 113 Newaygo
Tacoma 22 Montcalm
Tallman 170 Mason
Tamarack 310 Montcalm
Tippy Dam Pond 1,220 Manistee
Todd 75 Osceola
Townline 247 Montcalm
Townline 120 Mecosta
Tubbs na Mecosta
Turk 151 Montcalm
Twenty-eight 37 Mecosta
Twin Lakes 177 Muskegon
Twinwood 41 Newaygo
Versluis 50 kent
Wabasis, Big 418 Kent
Walkup 60 Newaygo
Wells 48 Osceola
West 49 Montcalm
White 2,571 Muskegon
Whitefish, Big 500 Montcalm
Whitefish, Little 181 Montcalm
Whitlock 13 Missaukee
Winfield 121 Montcalm
Wolf 418 Lake
Wolf (Muskegon) 224 Muskegon
Woodard (Woodward) 73 Ionia
Woodland/East 203 Newaygo
Wycoff 38 Oceana
Youngs 130 Mecosta

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