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West Metro Area Minnesota Fishing Map Guide - Interactive eBook (187 MB)


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Product Description

This Interactive eBook Edition of the West Metro Area Minnesota Fishing Map Guide brings everything you love about the print edition to your phone, tablet, or computer with expanded access information, current fishing reports, and more! Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses. To take advantage of the interactive features, we highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader - available for free on the App Store, Play Store, and for Mac OS X and Windows at Order now and also receive a free automatic update in Spring, 2022.

This digital guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts.

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, 224-page, digital volume.

Lake maps and detailed fishing information for over 200 lakes from Minneapolis (west of the Mississippi) to Willmar are featured in this volume. Lake Minnetonka, Prior Lake and Medicine lake are just a few of the popular waters covered. 

Whether you’re dodging pleasure boaters while casting bucktails for muskies on Lake Minnetonka, casting jigs for panfish on Lake Waconia or enjoying the Twin Cities skyline while fishing Lake Calhoun, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Minnesota’s many excellent fisheries.

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Minnesota West Metro Area Fishing Map Guide eBook Edition.

"I've been using these books for many years, and continue to do so."

- Steve Foss,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Alimagnet 89 Dakota
Allie 451 Renville
Andrew 814 Kandiyohi
Ann (Carver) 116 Carver
Ann (Wright) 386 Wright
Auburn 261 Carver
Augusta 178 Wright
Bass (Kandiyohi) 52 Kandiyohi
Bass (Wright) 218 Wright
Bavaria 162 Carver
Beebe 300 Wright
Belle 826 Meeker
Bertram 100 Wright
Big Swan 628 Meeker
Birch 76 Wright
Blackhawk 54 Dakota
Brooks 97 Wright
Brownie 12 Hennepin
Bryant 161 Hennepin
Buffalo 1,552 Wright
Bush 172 Hennepin
Byllesby 1,435 Dakota
Calhoun (Hennepin) 401 Hennepin
Calhoun (Kandiyohi) 618 Kandiyohi
Camp 108 Wright
Caroline 126 Wright
Carrie 81 Kandiyohi
Cedar (Hennepin) 169 Hennepin
Cedar (Scott) 780 Scott
Cedar (Wright) 837 Wright
Champlin Mill 34 Hennepin
Charlotte 235 Wright
Christmas 257 Hennepin
Church 12 Carver
Clear 497 Meeker
Clearwater 3,196 Wright
Cleary 143 Scott
Cokato 539 Wright
Collinwood 584 Wright
Constance 161 Wright
Courthouse 10 Carver
Crystal (Dakota) 280 Dakota
Crystal (Hennepin) 78 Hennepin
Dean 173 Wright
Deer 163 Wright
Diamond 1,565 Kandiyohi
Dog 94 Wright
Dunns 142 Meeker
Dutch (Hennepin) 160 Hennepin
Dutch (Wright) 153 Wright
Eagle (Carver) 233 Carver
Eagle (Hennepin) 291 Hennepin
Eagle (Kandiyohi) 824 Kandiyohi
Eagle (Wright) 244 Wright
East Solomon 706 Kandiyohi
East Sylvia 652 Wright
Elizabeth 1,054 Kandiyohi
Elkhorn 87 Kandiyohi
Ella 136 Kandiyohi
Emma 177 Wright
Erie 182 Meeker
Farquar 67 Dakota
Fish 98 Wright
Fish 28 Dakota
Fish (Hennepin) 223 Hennepin
Fish (Scott) 171 Scott
Florida 674 Kandiyohi
Foot 694 Kandiyohi
Francis 921 Meeker
French 94 McLeod
French 332 Wright
Games 515 Kandiyohi
George 231 Kandiyohi
Gleason 142 Hennepin
Goose 42 Wright
Granite 339 Wright
Green 5,406 Kandiyohi
Greenleaf 224 Meeker
Haften 43 Hennepin
Half moon 28 Hennepin
Harriet 335 Hennepin
Henderson 73 Kandiyohi
Hiawatha 54 Hennepin
Holland 32 Dakota
Holy Name 65 Hennepin
Hook 327 McLeod
Howard 717 Wright
Hydes 215 Carver
Hyland 84 Hennepin
Ida (near Eagle) 231 Wright
Ida (near Mary) 79 Wright
Independence 844 Hennepin
Indian 146 Wright
Jennie 1,056 Meeker
John 411 Wright
Keller 51 Dakota
Kandiyohi 2,692 Kandiyohi
Lac Lavon 55 Dakota
Lake of the Isles 109 Hennepin
Lillian 1,149 Kandiyohi
Limestone 188 Wright
Little Long 108 Hennepin
Little Mud 37 Meeker
Little Waverly 330 Wright
Locke 156 Wright
Lone 22 Hennepin
Long (Hennepin) 261 Hennepin
Long (Kandiyohi by Eagle) 1,575 Kandiyohi
Long (Kandiyohi by Green) 286 Kandiyohi
Long (Meeker) 163 Meeker
Lotus 246 Carver
Louisa 179 Wright
Lower Prior 810 Scott
Lucy 92 Carver
Manuella 286 Meeker
Maple 777 Wright
Marie (map only)   Wright
Marion (Dakota) 560 Dakota
Marion (McLeod) 594 McLeod
Martha 97 Wright
Mary (near Ida) 180 Wright
Mary (near Maple) 209 Wright
McColl 21 Scott
McMahon 110 Scott
Medicine 886 Hennepin
Mill Pond 17 Scott
Mink 301 Wright
Minnetonka 14,004 Hennepin
Minnewashta 742 Carver
Minnie Belle 545 Meeker
Mitchell 112 Hennepin
Moses 88 Wright
Mt. Normandale 103 Hennepin
Nest 945 Kandiyohi
Nixon 56 Wright
Nokomis 204 Hennepin
Norway 2,344 Kandiyohi
O'Dowd 258 Scott
Orchard 250 Dakota
Otter 583 McLeod
Parkers 97 Hennepin
Parley 243 Carver
Piersons 235 Carver
Pike (near Eagle)   Hennepin
Pleasant 509 Wright
Point 164 Kandiyohi
Powerderhorn 12 Hennepin
Preston 670 Renville
Pulaski 702 Wright
Quigley 11 Dakota
Ramsey 275 Wright
Rebecca 77 Dakota
Rebecca 254 Hennepin
Red Rock 92 Hennepin
Rice 314 Hennepin
Richardson 111 Meeker
Riley 297 Hennepin
Ringo 716 Kandiyohi
Ripley 558 Meeker
Rock 175 Wright
Rogers 99 Dakota
Round 33 Hennepin
Sarah 574 Hennepin
Schutz 105 Carver
Shady Oak 85 Hennepin
Silver 472 McLeod
Silver 78 Wright
Skifstrom 55 Wright
Somers 158 Wright
Spring (Meeker) 218 Meeker
Spring (Scott) 580 Scott
Spurzem 70 Hennepin
St. Joe 14 Carver
Stahls 240 McLeod
Star 554 Meeker
Staring 155 Hennepin
Steiger 158 Carver
Stella 553 Meeker
Sugar 1,015 Wright
Sullivan 73 Wright
Susan 93 Carver
Swan 343 McLeod
Swenson 109 Kandiyohi
Sylvia 652 Wright
Taft 12 Hennepin
Thole 105 Scott
Thomas 40 Dakota
Twin (Hennepin) 212 Hennepin
Twin (Sylvia) 872 Wright
Union 89 Wright
Upper Prior 354 Scott
Upper Penn 31 Hennepin
Virginia 110 Carver
Waconia 2,996 Carver
Wagonga 1,664 Kandiyohi
Washington 2,639 Meeker
Wassermann 153 Carver
Waverly 485 Wright
Weaver 149 Hennepin
West Sylvia 872 Wright
Whaletail 558 Hennepin
Willie 182 Meeker
Willmar 435 Kandiyohi
Winsted 376 McLeod
Wirth 38 Hennepin
Wolf 259 Meeker
Zumbra 162 Carver

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