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Alexandria Area & West Central Minnesota Fishing Map Guide - Interactive eBook (24 MB)


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Product Description

This Interactive eBook Edition of the Alexandria Area & West Central Minnesota Fishing Map Guide brings everything you love about the print edition to your phone, tablet, or computer with expanded access information, current fishing reports, and more! Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection). This Interactive Edition features online current fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links to accesses. To take advantage of the interactive features, we highly recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader - available for free on the App Store, Play Store, and for Mac OS X and Windows at Order now and also receive a free automatic update in Spring, 2022.

This digital guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts. 

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, digital volume.

St. Cloud, Alexandria, Osakis, Sauk Centre and Little Falls are among the West-Central Minnesota areas covered in this book. The book covers Benton, Douglas, Grant, Morrison, Pope, Stearns, Stevens and Todd counties. Over 145 lake maps in all!

Whether you’re fishing for walleyes on Pelican Lake, bass in Lake Carlos or trout on Big Watab Lake, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Minnesota's many excellent fisheries.

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Alexandria Area & West Central Minnesota Fishing Map Guide eBook Edition.

"I take the book with me wherever I fish. It's tremendously handy when you run into other anglers and want to share lake info or good fishing holes."

- Steve Foss,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
Aaron 545 Douglas
Amelia 910 Pope
Andrew 946 Douglas
Ann 356 Pope
Barrett 544 Grant
Bass (by Mons) 113 Todd
Bass (by Twin) 95 Todd
Beauty 237 Todd
Beaver 152 Stearns
Becker 176 Stearns
Big (Stearns) 403 Stearns
Big (Todd) 277 Todd
Big (Upper) Spunk 440 Stearns
Big Birch 2,108 Todd
Big Fish 558 Stearns
Big Swan 918 Todd
Big Watab 227 Stearns
Blackwell 307 Douglas
Bolfing 104 Stearns
Briggs 377 Sherburne
Brophy 289 Douglas
Buck 56 Todd
Burgen 184 Douglas
Carlos 2,520 Douglas
Carnelian 164 Stearns
Cedar 158 Todd
Cedar 253 Morrison
Cedar 90 Stearns
Cedar Island 998 Stearns
Charlotte 148 Todd
Chippewa 1,186 Douglas
Clear 119 Stearns
Coal 167 Todd
Cowdry 238 Douglas
Crooked 65 Stearns
Crooked 153 Douglas
Darling 954 Douglas
Devils 221 Douglas
East Lake   Stearns
Eden 263 Stearns
Elk 360 Sherburne
Elk 190 Grant
Emily 2,377 Pope
Fairy 297 Todd
Freeborn 241 Douglas
Geneva 631 Douglas
Gilchrist 321 Pope
Goodners 150 Stearns
Grand 655 Stearns
Grants 171 Douglas
Great Northern 356 Stearns
Green Prairie 178 Morrison
Grove 379 Pope
Guernsey 125 Todd
Horseshoe 118 Todd
Horseshoe 550 Stearns
Ida 4,289 Douglas
Indian 76 Douglas
Irene 630 Douglas
Jessie 105 Douglas
Johanna 1,584 Pope
Julia 142 Sherburne
Kings 194 Stearns
Knaus 205 Stearns
Koetter Lake   Stearns
Koronis 3,014 Stearns
Krays 85 Stearns
Lady 207 Todd
Laitimer 193 Todd
Latoka 776 Douglas
Le Homme Dieu 1,744 Douglas
Leven 283 Pope
Lightning 500 Grant
Linka 197 Pope
Little Birch 838 Todd
Little Chippewa 210 Douglas
Little Rock 1,450 Benton
Little Sauk 268 Todd
Little Swan 149 Todd
Lobster 1,308 Douglas
Long 218 Douglas
Long (by Buck) 372 Todd
Long (by Crooked) 49 Stearns
Long (by Fairy) 215 Todd
Long (by Kings) 70 Stearns
Long (by North Brown) 460 Stearns
Louise 219 Douglas
Lower Elk 152 Grant
Lower Spunk 280 Stearns
Maple 367 Todd
Maple 815 Douglas
Mary 104 Stearns
Mary 2,371 Douglas
Middle Spunk 236 Stearns
Mill 160 Todd
Mill 600 Douglas
Miltona 5,838 Douglas
Mina 424 Douglas
Minnewaska 7,110 Pope
Mons 86 Todd
Moon 124 Douglas
Moose 124 Todd
Moses 822 Douglas
Mound 273 Todd
Mud 151 Stearns
Mustinka 108 Grant
North Browns 324 Stearns
Ochotto 40 Stearns
Osakis 6,270 Todd
Oscar 630 Douglas
Pearl 733 Sterns
Pelican 337 Stearns
Pelican 3,932 Grant
Pelican 519 Pope
Pepin 41 Todd
Pine (by Mound) 197 Morrison
Pine (by Pelican) 107 Stearns
Pine Island 234 Todd
Pleasant 222 Stearns
Pocket 275 Douglas
Pomme de Terre 1,758 Grant
Rachel 496 Douglas
Red Rock 708 Douglas
Reno 3,722 Pope
Rice 1,639 Stearns
Round 121 Morrison
Round 66 Douglas
Rush 142 Sherburne
Sand (Hodel) 202 Stearns
Sauk 2,094 Todd
Sauk River Flowage   Stearns
Scandinavian 424 Pope
Schneider 54 Stearns
School Section 188 Stearns
Smith 575 Douglas
St. Anna 119 Stearns
Stone, Big 12,610 Big Stone
Stowe 366 Douglas
Sylvia 81 Stearns
Thompson 150 Grant
Thunder 194 Todd
Traverse 11,528 Traverse
Turtle 104 Todd
Turtle 220 Douglas
Twin 314 Todd
Two Rivers 575 Stearns
Union 104 Douglas
Vermont 309 Douglas
Victoria 419 Douglas
Villard 536 Pope
Warner 27 Stearns
Whiskey 158 Douglas
Zumwalde 106 Stearns

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