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Western Upper Peninsula Michigan Fishing Map Guide - Print Edition


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Product Description

The Western Upper Peninsula Michigan Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts. 

Fishing maps, detailed area road maps and exhaustive fishing information are provided in this handy, 208-page, 8 ½ x 11” spiral-bound volume.

Over 250 lakes with public access in Baraga, Dickinson, Gogebic, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, Menominee, and Ontonagon Counties. Includes Great Lakes, Isle Royale and stream coverage. 

Whether you’re pulling trophy perch through the ice on Lake Gogebic, casting bucktails for trophy muskies on Lac Vieux Desert or trolling for lake trout on Lake Superior, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Michigan’s many excellent fisheries. 

Know your waters. Catch more fish with the Michigan Western Upper Peninsula Fishing Map Guide.

Get a free, immediate download of the new Interactive eBook Edition with purchase - everything you love about the print edition on your phone, tablet, or computer. Whether you prefer to research, take notes and print maps from home or go straight to the lake, this digital version allows you to access your maps and information from any of your devices anytime you need them. The new Interactive Edition features online fishing reports, events, Google Maps satellite views and directions links, and more! The file is downloadable, which means you don't have to worry about trying to find an internet connection to access your maps when you are enjoying your time on the lake (*interactive features require an internet connection).

For gift orders, please indicate in the Order Comments/Instructions section at checkout that your order is a gift and a gift receipt with eBook download instructions for the recipient will be included.

"A great source of information for planning your fishing vacation... The guide goes into detail about the best hotspots and techniques on your favorite destination."

- Mike Gnatkowski,

Includes maps and fishing information for these lakes:

Lake Name Acres County
African, Big (Mud) 68 Gogebic
Alberta Pond 15 Baraga
Albino 17 Gogebic
Alice 45 Baraga
Allen 79 Gogebic
Antoine 748 Dickinson
Bailey 204 Keweenaw
Bass 96 Iron
Bass 61 Dickinson
Bass 191 Gogebic
Bass & Baker (Shakey Lakes) 109 Menominee
Bass (Houghton)   Houghton
Bateau, Big 220 Gogebic
Bay, East 168 Gogebic
Bay, West 168 Gogebic
Bear, East 46 Gogebic
Bear, West 56 Gogebic
Beatons 330 Gogebic, Ontonagon
Beatons, Little   Gogebic
Beaufort 462 Baraga
Becher (Shakey Lakes)   Menominee
Bela 70 Iron
Big 127 Baraga
Big 771 Gogebic, Vilas, WI
Black River 68 Gogebic
Blue Bell (Bluebill) 22 Gogebic
Bob 133 Houghton
Bobcat 76 Gogebic
Bond Falls 2,100 Ontonagon
Brule 250 Iron
Buck 153 Iron
Buck 22 Gogebic
Cable 333 Iron
Camp 101 Iron
Carney 117 Dickinson
Castle 28 Gogebic
Chalk Hills Flowage (Menominee River) 866 Menominee
Chamberlain 37 Iron
Chaney 520 Gogebic
Chicagon 1,100 Iron
Cisco Lake 506 Gogebic
Cisco Lake Chain   Gogebic
Claire 38 Baraga
Clark 820 Gogebic
Clear 24 Houghton
Clearwater 172 Gogebic
Coon 126 Baraga
Corey 23 Gogebic
Cornelia 14 Gogebic
County Line 65 Ontonagon, Gogebic
Courtney 33 Ontonagon
Craig 307 Baraga
Crooked 180 Baraga
Crooked 565 Gogebic
Crystal 16 Houghton
Cub 28 Gogebic
Curry 56 Iron
Dawn 18 Gogebic
Deadmans 8 Iron
Deer 78 Iron
Deer Island 346 Gogebic
Devils Head 92 Gogebic
Dinner 110 Gogebic
Doyle 10 Gogebic
Duck 610 Gogebic
Duck, Little 42 Gogebic
Eagle 20 Gogebic
East (Shakey Lakes)   Menominee
Echo 45 Houghton
Edey 79 Dickinson
Eel 52 Gogebic
Elbow 26 Gogebic
Eliza 4 Keweenaw
Ellen 144 Iron
Emily 320 Iron
Emily 53 Houghton
Erickson 35 Iron
Estes 22 Houghton
Fanny Hooe 227 Keweenaw
Finger 58 Gogebic
Fire 128 Iron
Fisher 29 Gogebic
Fishhawk   Gogebic
Florence 25 Gogebic
Fortune, First 199 Iron
Fortune, Fourth 83 Iron
Fortune, Second 128 Iron
Fortune, Third 20 Iron
George 160 Baraga
Gerald 255 Houghton
Gibson 79 Iron
Glidden 29 Iron
Gogebic 12,800 Gogebic, Ontonagon
Golden 285 Iron
Grass 40 Gogebic
Gratiot 1,438 Keweenaw
Hagerman 584 Iron
Hamilton 75 Dickinson
Hanbury 89 Dickinson
Hay 14 Gogebic
Helen 60 Gogebic
Henry 50 Gogebic
High 60 Gogebic
Hilltop 29 Gogebic
Holmes 28 Iron
Holmes, Upper 71 Iron
Ice 85 Iron
Imp 84 Gogebic
Indian 196 Iron
Irish 17 Houghton
Iron 396 Iron
James 212 Iron
Jane   Gogebic
Katherine 48 Gogebic
Keewaydin 151 Baraga
Kerr 8 Gogebic
Killdeer 8 Iron
King 508 Baraga
Kunschke 15 Gogebic
Lac LaBelle 1,146 Keweenaw
Lac Vieux Desert 4,300 Gogebic, Wisconsin
Lake on Three 25 Houghton, Iron
Lake on Two (Glitter) 25 Iron
Langford 481 Gogebic
Langford, Little   Gogebic
Lindsley 72 Gogebic
Lois 25 Gogebic
Long 60 Iron
Long 168 Gogebic
Long (Shakey Lakes) 284 Menominee
Loon 375 Gogebic
Lost 14 Baraga
Louise 80 Dickinson
Mamie 400 Gogebic, Vilas, WI
Manganese 52 Keweenaw
Marion 318 Gogebic
Markey 51 Houghton
Marsh 65 Gogebic
Mary 86 Dickinson
Mary 255 Iron
Mastodon 13 Gogebic
Medora 695 Keweenaw
Michigamme Falls Reservoir 476  Iron
Michigamme Reservoir 7,000 Iron
Middle 29 Baraga
Mink 63 Gogebic
Minnie   Iron
Mirror 83 Ontonagon
Mishike 15 Gogebic
Mitchell 42 Iron
Moon 93 Gogebic
Moosehead 54 Gogebic
Moraine 67 Gogebic
Moss 35 Gogebic
Mountain 100 Gogebic
Nelligan 31 Baraga
Nelson 29 Iron
No Name 4 Keweenaw
Norway 53 Iron
Ormes 49 Gogebic
Ottawa (Pickerel) 551 Iron
Otter 890 Houghton
Oxbow, Little 95 Gogebic
Paint 332 Iron
Paint, East 147 Iron
Parlemee 30 Dickinson
Paw 32 Iron
Peavy Reservoir 3,500 Iron
Penegore 9 Houghton
Pequet 13 Houghton
Perch 994 Iron
Perch   Gogebic
Perrault 38 Houghton
Pickerel 71 Dickinson
Pike 83 Houghton
Plymouth 27 Gogebic
Pomeroy 314 Gogebic
Pomeroy, Little 29 Gogebic
Poor   Gogebic
Portage 9,640 Houghton
Portage Lake Ship Canal   Houghton
Porter 270 Iron
Powwow 50 Gogebic
Prickett Dam Backwater 810 Baraga, Houghton
Railroad 80 Iron
Range 21 Gogebic
Record 53 Gogebic
Resort (Shakey Lakes)   Menominee
Redboat 28 Gogebic
Rice 675 Houghton
Robinson 76 Iron
Rock 85 Dickinson
Roland 40 Baraga
Roland 292 Houghton
Runkle 76 Iron
Ruth 192 Baraga
Sandy 101 Houghton
Schneider 33 Gogebic
Scout 24 Gogebic
Shakey Lakes na Menominee
Silver 118 Dickinson
Silver (Five) 152 Iron
Sixmile 100 Dickinson
Sixmile 66 Ontonagon, Houghton
Skyline 11 Iron
Smoky 590 Iron
Smoky, Little 78 Iron
Snap Jack 48 Gogebic
Snipe 63 Iron
Solberg 26 Dickinson
Spree 5 Iron
St. Kathryn (Kidney) 151 Iron
Stager 112 Iron
Stanley 310 Iron
Sucker 439 Gogebic
Sudden 35 Ontonagon
Summit 30 Gogebic
Sun 31 Gogebic
Sundance 61 Gogebic
Sunset 545 Iron
Swan 165 Iron
Sylvania Wilderness   Gogebic
Tamarack 335 Gogebic, Iron
Taylor 110 Gogebic
Teddy 56 Baraga
Tepee 124 Iron
Thayer   Keweenaw
Thomas 38 Baraga
Thousand Island 1,020 Gogebic
Thrush 15 Gogebic
Timber 59 Iron
Torch 2,659 Houghton
Trapper 16 Gogebic
Trout (Baraga) 47 Baraga
Twin Falls Flowage   Dickinson
Twist 14 Gogebic
Vermilac (aka Worm) 622 Baraga
Victoria 260 Ontonagon
Webb (Hannah Webb) 64 Iron
White Rapids Flowage (Menominee River) 447 Menominee
Whitefish 500 Gogebic
Wildwood (Round) 98 Iron
Wilson 29 Gogebic
Winslow 255 Iron

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